Take your free marketing to a next level and expand your hair business for free

Your hair brand promoted for free on my website and social media is a great way to tell the world about your hair store. But there is much more to gain for you. I offer you the next level in working together with How To Sell Hair Extensions, because after free marketing for eight weeks follows selling! You get an extra hair store for free, from sales to cash!

Keep it simple

A lot of hair stores miss sales because consumers felt they had to click too many times to actually place their purchasing order. Nothing wrong with your brand, your price is affordable and of course the quality is great, but still no sales because it took too many clicks. Market surveys from agencies like Nielsen show consumers prefer to click as little as possible to do their purchase. Regardless if we talk about stuff on Amazon, your newsletter or your hair extensions.

Women who visited the your  special page on How To Sell Hair Extensions will love the pictures and will for sure be interested in your hair, but now they have to visit your website or Facebook page and then again they have to make their purchase decision. This leaves room to a lot of distraction and alternatives to cross their eyes and gone is your sales opportunity. No sales, despite the fact they really fell in love with your hair the first time.

I help you not only to market your hair, but also to sell it!

To help you, next to market your hair brand for free, I offer you the possibility to sell through HowToSellHairExtensions. On your special page, with your hair brand, you can now also publish your hair with a direct link to your Transactions, Inventory and Bookkeeping, or simpler from sales to cash! Your second store, but this time for free.

How does it work?

We all love to keep things simple, so me too kept is as simple as possible:
1. We publish the hair you want to sell on your special webpage on HowToSellHairExtensions.com (you can put up to 10 items to sell)
2. You share a clear description of the hair extensions or hair care products with the price and shipping conditions
3. Customers purchase the hair from you if they click on the link (online sales and affiliate program E-junkie)
4. You receive the payment and order in real time in your account and email
5. You ship the order and
6. You have one happy customer more!

What does it bring you?

  1. You gain access for free to many more women looking for hair extensions, people who saw your store on YouTube or social media thanks to your special webpage.
  2. More people will know and talk about your hair brand, so more women want to lay their hands on your hair
  3. An extra hair store without spending money on your own special webpage, people will fall in love with your hair and like the story you tell
  4. State of the art sales and affiliate tool (E-junkie), that allows you to sell your hair at any other website, unlimited

How much does this cost you?

My aim is to support as many people as possible to start selling hair, so if possible I do things for free or at low cost.

  • The hair store on your special webpage on HowToSellHairExtensions is for free
  • E-junkie online sales system that allows you to sell your hair through your own website or on as many affiliates stores as you can find for only $ 0,5 per product you offer or USD 5 per month. You have a contract with e-Junkie.
  • Only for successful deals you share a 4% referral fee with me, so no deal no pay!


Contact me by mail or DM or visit our special page so we can discuss how you get more sales and cash!

I help you to sell

I help you to sell your hair

Stefan Franken