As a son of an Indian temple hair tender, Tippesh learned to respect and value human hair. In this interview you read about the family man and business man Mr. Tippesh Bhoomi. After he graduated and inspired by his father, he started to get in the hair business, to manufacture and to export hair of high quality with focus on the foreign customer. Tippesh explains in the interview the handling of the hair and how the company is organized.

I asked how do you source the hair and what treatment does it get? Tippesh answered: “We get the hair from south Indian holy temples and we give it a clean shampoo wash, remove the lice and we comb and re-size it.

The cleaned hair bundles go for triple wefting, then quality checking and packing.
These are the process we do for the hair.”

He raised his voice, paused for a second to build up the tension and said: “We don’t treat hair chemically like Chinese manufacturers. If we treat the hair it looks very great when a client buys it but durability of hair will be decrease.”

Read about his first export order and the response of the client, in the first interview with this Indian hair exporter

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