If you are planning to start a selling hair extensions in Chicago and you target for example afro American women, you have to know three things:
– How many clients can I get?
– What do they want to buy next?
– Where can I find them

In this post you will get the answers on how many women life in Chicago Illinois, with interest in wigs or hair extensions.

How many women want to buy hair extensions in Chicago?

Thanks to the census bureau you can find information about the total number of people who life in Chicago Illinois, their gender, race and some other interesting stuff. Because you want to know how many women are interested purchase hair extensions in Chicago, you only want to know women older than 18 but younger than 65.

A survey from Mintel tells us 6 out of 10 Afro American women wears wigs, lace closures or hair extensions.
The graph shows you exactly how you can find the number of women looking to buy hair extensions in Chicago.
hair extensions in Chicago

Now you know there are nearly 200 thousand potential clients, you can decide for yourself if this would be an interesting market for you.

Start selling hair extensions in Chicago

Start Now Selling Hair Extensions


How much do they want to buy beauty products like extensions?

To help you, it is interesting Facebook tells you, in Chicago, they have hair and other personal care products rather high on their shopping list. Only Clothing and subscription services have more priority as you can see in the graph below.

Hair extensions in Chicago

Now all you have to do is to find these clients, where do they go to both in real life and online. This is important because for example if your target audience is interested in celebrities, clothing or anything else all you need to do is to share their interest. Fine tune your advertisement, blog posts, or any other marketing message.

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Start selling hair extensions in Chicago

Start Now Selling Hair Extensions