This morning, when I opened my inbox, I found a very kind mail from South Africa, written by Ntsiki.

Ntsiki, shared with me a very sweet thank you note, and I really appreciate a note from a happy client.

happiness project





Your own happiness project

It is very rewarding to receive feedback like this from visitors of my website, subscribers of the newsletter, followers on social media or a client. A reward that can’t be expressed in dollars, but in a much higher value of life, happiness. And Ntsiki was the sparkle for this post about how your own happiness project can improve your performance as a hair selling business.

If you are in the business of selling hair, or in fact in any business and you only go for the money, you miss something. Of course, money is important, it helps you to pay the bills or to achieve other things in life, like education, vacations, or to support others. But I truly believe your main driver is the desire to help others and to make it a better world, when you start a business. The passion to help people to gain confidence because you help them with exactly what they need. For this I love pictures from all of you with happy customers, people with a sparkle in their eyes on the after picture, thanks to you and your hair extensions.

How does it work

If your passion for happy clients is your main driver, you’ll notice it is like the flue but then much healthier. And it’s contagious because your happiness, your passion will be transferred to the people who visit your hair store and it helps to convert them into a client.

A great way to show the world you go for happiness, for both your client and yourself is not too simply compete on price, do not make selling hair extensions like selling a commodity like oil, bricks or anything else with the lack of emotion. Selling hair is about joy, about confidence, feeling good and again happiness. This is what you sell so this is what you should preach.

So start your own happiness project. Find out what it is that will make people feel happy because of what you do. Every time when you have contact with a prospect, a lead or an existing client, put yourself the goal to receive a compliment for your hair, your treatment or service in return. From a simple thank you, to a rewarding post on social media, it doesn’t matter, happiness is about quality not about numbers. Get those before and after pictures of your happy client and make sure you see the sparkles in her eyes!

Novelty can be a power source of happiness, the great thing is, to make another a compliment of happy does not have to cost much. You only have to invest in attention to people. Discover how structure contributes to inner calm, so for example inform your client at the appropriate time of every action between the moment an order was placed to the delivery at home. And do not forget to thank her for the order of your hair!

You have a dream to launch your own hair store, or your hair sales are lacking behind expectations. What can you do? Give it all up and let others succeed? Wouldn’t it be great to talk for 10 minutes with somebody who not only understands the hair extensions business, but who can help you with advice too?

You are not alone, you can always call me, I have blocked some time in my calendar already. I am waiting for you! Call me, Stefan

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