Create a blog and keep the attention of your website visitors. Do not let them bounce away. Offer interesting content, next to your awesome pictures of hair extensions and happy clients.

Take your visitors with you on your journey full of hair and happy people. Make sure your write what they like, and you will build a strong network of happy followers. Plus, you will climb up in the search engine rankings, like Bing and Google.

How do you create a blog?

First off all you should have passion for what you write about and the people that are going to read it. No passion, no loyal readers. Create a blog only when you have something to tell that comes from your heart.

A blog is a two-way traffic; you have to engage with your audience. Your blog post should invite readers to react, to share their opinion. This will not only create a great cliff hanger, because they want to know your response. You will also get free insight in what your potential clients are thinking. Now you can fine tune your blog post, but more important your product offering too! That means higher sales!

Your posts should not only have enough words, with 300 as the absolute minimum, but also a nice looking picture and designed for search engine optimization (SEO). Follow a certain frequency when you post. So your audience can start to expect your postings and start to look for it!

Now more people looking for hair will find your website and they will spend more time with your hair brand. So the next time they want to purchase hair, they think of your hair brand!

Nice, but!

Nice, but where to find the time to write? You have a hair store to run, clients to deal with, suppliers to manage and perhaps you also have another job, family or business to take care of?

Should you forget about to create a blog as a great way to boost your sales and profit? No, why not benefit from my passion for hair and hair extensions and start-ups and let’s together do the writing?

You share your ideas and me and my team create the post, 4 a month between 300 and 400 words that will enrich your website. No idea what to write about? Do not worry, we have tons of ideas based upon the many hair selling businesses we follow, all over the world.

You can stop anytime you want, and there is no yearly fee. So absolute freedom for you!

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