How to benefit from the Brexit as UK hair extensions seller

Are you a UK hair extensions seller, use the Brexit to improve your sales margin, now!

This week the British people voted to leave the European union. Short after the vote, not much is clear yet on how this will impact life and economics in Britain in the short and long run. This will take some time, but if you are a UK hair extensions seller, you should not wait until everything is clear. This is the time not only to protect your business, but to grow with international hair customers as preparation for the future.

The British pound will have to find a new equilibrium, it will test new levels against the dollar. So the first days the pound will be much lower against the euro and dollar. Because most hair is purchased in dollar countries, this is where you should benefit from.

UK hair extensions sellers can offer their hair products using a different currency. Thanks to the lower British pound, international buyers are eying UK based web shops. Some of these shops had to freeze their offers for some time, to avoid they will make a loss on their products offered in British pounds.

How can you benefit now from the Brexit?

First you should adapt your offer to attract these international clients, start a marketing campaign for your UK hair selling shop with the international (continental Europe or Irish) customer in focus. They are massively looking for bargains, where they can buy cheap, but high quality hair in the United Kingdom.
If they can find your web shop through google or Bing, make sure they see all the shipping and payments conditions. Make sure they can see in a glimpse how long they have to wait, and how they can pay.


But now, instead of offering your hair extensions in British pounds only, you should offer the hair in US dollars too, the same currency you use, most probably, to purchase your hair extensions.

If you offer a separate purchase platform for your international customers, you will be able not only to keep on offering your quality hair to your British customers, you will also be able to gain a lot of new foreign customers in a time full of uncertainty, except for you!

Make this Brexit your success, and grow your business as UK hair extensions seller

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