See how easy it is to be different in Beauty and Hair Care

The beauty and hair care market is a market dominated by cultural factors. Cultural factors are some of the strongest influences of consumer buyer behavior. Too long marketers’ have under estimated these cultural factors in the beauty and hair care industry. Not in the least because it’s not easy if you are not connected to multi-cultural communities. This is the point where you can benefit from, because if you have a specific ethnic background, you understand your own cultural background, habits and emotions the best.

How does it work?

It’s often said, do not try to sell your hair extensions to everybody. Without any focus you can only compete on price. Unless you can buy beauty and hair care products under the purchase price of big retailers, you will never win this game. Better to compete on service and to target specific cultural groups, like your own.

The market is huge and will only get bigger

The market to sell your beauty and hair care products is huge and growing. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • Women of color are reported to spend six times more than other ethnic (Mintell)
  • Already one out of two pupils on a secondary school in a city like London are of ethnic backgrounds. This will give a baby boom of the cultures the next decade (Kings College, professor Hamnett)
  • In the UK blacks and minority groups make up nearly 1 out of 5 of the total population, this will be 1 out of three in 2035

This shows the significant higher spending power for beauty and hair care products, but also the growth potential of this group of customers. For example, the Afro Caribbean hair care market globally is worth an estimated 760 million us dollars. Imagine the future size and how big will your share be?

You are not alone

Of course big companies have discovered this too, but they are in general too slow to grasp these opportunities. Most companies consider they will not be able to generate enough return on their investment in the ethnic market. On the other side companies like Organic Root Stimulator (Olive Oil). A company that is able to perform the right research and product development as well advertising promotion will be able to turn any investment in this niche market into a mainstream of profit.

Your client is willing to do an extra effort

A study from Think Ethnic shows the ethnic oriented customer is not necessarily loyal to one brand, she prefers to discover a range of brands that meet her beauty and hair care needs. She is also willing to travel long distance to find these products. Here you can jump in again, all you have to do is to become the preferred supplier of her beauty and hair care products.

But you are unique

beauty and hair care

You are unique

If you have an ethnic background, or are familiar with a specific culture, you are one big step ahead of the big firms. Make your own ethnic group your target audience. Why wouldn’t you benefit from this? You understand your target audience on an emotional level and understand their behavioral economics. Of these economics, cultural factors are the most important ones. Factors we cannot control but as a hair and beauty entrepreneur you have to take them into account otherwise your marketing effort is ineffective.

What are the cultural factors? Think of a set of basic values, perceptions, wants and behaviour that are “learned” by the group or society we grow up in. If you are from Angola and you meet somebody of the capital Luanda in London or New York. You’ll notice and you will be able to interact much more efficient.

Your marketing campaign

If you want to your share of the beauty and hair care market we can help you to set up a campaign that will make you different from the rest, communicate with your target audience in the language they speak, the religion they have and the emotions they feel.  schedule an appointment now

You have a dream to launch your own hair store, or your hair sales are lacking behind expectations. What can you do? Give it all up and let others succeed? Wouldn’t it be great to talk for 10 minutes with somebody who not only understands the hair extensions business, but who can help you with advice too?

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