Home based business and the kids have holidays

Selling hair from your home based business and the kids have holidays. What to do?

Instead to panic, and call off all those leads that just started to warm up ready for a nice hair sale It’s better to include the kids in your sales events. If you can’t fight them, join them! To avoid a lot of angry comments under this blog, I do not mean you should beat your kids.

You are not the only mother

Remember, you are not the only mother who has to deal with this, many working parents have to deal with kids having more holidays rights than their boss will ever grant them. Plus, doesn’t the holiday time put’s all of us in another mode. Don’t we all feel more relaxed in summer? Except if you have to work double hours to “earn” the free time out of the office. This gives we are all in a similar kind of mood, especially for working parents.


Home based business and the kids have holidays

5 tips to protect your sales during summer

So what could you do if you have a home based business and the kids have holidays?

First of all, as said above accept summer time is play time. So the perfect period of the year to combine creativity and work. All you need to do is some additional planning.

  1. Schedule time for your hair business and play by offering morning hair extensions parties and have the afternoon free to take the kids to the pool, cinema or playground.
  2. Make sure your hair extensions parties are fun! Let the sun shine. Lighten up your sales program, so there is enough time to enjoy your sales pitch and to try the hair. Do not forget some nice and light refreshments.
  3. Be original and ask the other mothers to take their children with them for a “hair pool party”. Organize one or two teen-agers to watch the children playing in the pool, while you “share” your extensions and hair care products with the mothers. This requires some extra planning upfront and an eye towards the pool during the party. But you have something people will talk about for a long time, and their kids will remind their mothers many times afterwards, when she is going again to that nice lady with the hair in the pool!
  4. Be flexible to plan your parties so everybody has time enough to be with their family in time, for example for the BBQ.
  5. And for yourself, marketing your hair business does not stop in Summer. Wherever you go this summer, make sure your hair toolkit is within reach. Be ready to have a talk to moms while you are at the beach, park, playground or pool. In summer everybody is more friendly, so make it your own goal to meet two new friends per day and turn them into clients.


What is your plan this summer, no sales at all or did you plan some cool stuff to combine business with pleasure?  If you go on holidays enjoy and if you stay home, do not forget to take a break from selling in time! 

You have a dream to launch your own hair store, or your hair sales are lacking behind expectations. What can you do? Give it all up and let others succeed? Wouldn’t it be great to talk for 10 minutes with somebody who not only understands the hair extensions business, but who can help you with advice too?

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