Selling Hair Bundles thanks to the weaker sex

Men are the weaker sex, no doubt about that. And I know because I am one myself. It’s because the chromosomes, hormones and muscle bundles make men take more risks in life. More risks mean men get more accidents and face many other unpleasant events. This is valid regardless race, nationality, profession or income.

Okay to know as a woman your life expectations are better, but what can you do with this selling hair bundles?

Learn how these muscle bundles can help you selling hair bundles

There is a great business opportunity to benefit from men in getting a higher sales of hair bundles, or any weaves or wigs.

Make men fall in love with your hair brand

Selling Hair BundlesPeople listen to others before they buy their hair extensions. They talk with their friends about the latest hairstyle, they check social media and yes, they want to be sure their boyfriend or husband likes the hair too. After all, we all know hair styling is the eldest profession in the world because it is so important to find the right partner.

Selling hair bundles but not taking into account the boyfriends is one of the reasons sales lack behind.

Four tips to involve men and to sell more:

  1. If you prepare a photoshoot, make sure you have some pictures men can connect with. Use their imagination to let them see how their princess would look like with 30 inch extensions. Size does matter in hair!
  2. Use before and after pictures, not only to show the volume and length of the hair, but also how this will change your love life.
  3. Educate men about hair and pay attention to them
  4. Set up a special newsletter for Boyfriends

Make men fall in love with your hair brand and you win influencers with a clear say where the money goes.

Don’t go for your client’s boyfriend, but go for his wallet to make her look gorgeous and sexy! That’s a win, win, win situation! She happy, he happy and you!

Start today with a special newsletter for “Boyfriends Only” and educate, instruct and help them in making their girlfriend feel and look more feminine. The girls would love to sign up their boyfriends and, the boys will reward you with higher sales, for sure!

Try for free the effect of a special Boyfriends Newsletter, and experience how the weaker sex supports higher sales!!