Passionate about hair? Make money with hair extensions blogs


This morning in Church I learned one has to be humble in life. If you are invited on a party, it’s better to take the least comfortable seat instead of the chair next to the host. True, but I see too many times the opposite happens. People who have something to tell, do not even show up on the party! And that’s a waist of talent and energy!

Weekly I read at least 20 to 30 emails or I have the same amount of Skype calls. Mails or calls from people who share their struggles and ideas with me. All about the start of their hair business.

I love to answer their questions. I prefer the Skype calls because it allows me to really connect. It allows me to start a conversation and to figure out what is holding people back in becoming successful and to earn money in this beautiful industry.


You know what?

In most cases these people have great ideas, have the passion to make people look and feel good or they are just awesome people to talk with. In the conversation they really make me enthusiastic and they inspire me with their energy, ideas and talk. I mean people who work together with others, people who talk full of passion about a possible niche in the hair market or women who want to start a hair business to empower others.

At the end of the call there is so much energy, and most start their own business or hair extensions blogs or YouTube channels. They just needed a chat with somebody else, to share their ideas and … to start.


Please start the world is waiting for you!

But what with the people who do not call me or somebody else to chat about their hair ideas?

How many ideas stay below the surface?

How many inspiring people keep on dreaming only because they do not share their ideas with others?


To all these women I want to say, or shout of needed. “If you have a great idea to start selling hair or you want to inspire others through your hair extensions blogs or vlogs. Please start! The world is waiting for you, really.

Start your hair store, or inspire others with your hair extensions blogs or vlogs, inspire other women or men to look and feel good, anything but please do not wait no longer!

Inspire others with your passion for hair and earn money while you make others happy.

Now it’s your moment of fame and claim your name!