Hair Extensions Sales Strategy

You need a sales strategy, to sell you hair. You can only sell extensions if you have a sales strategy that gains the trust of your client. Use the right words, or better avoid the wrong ones. Invest in the relation with your customer. Please find in his post two very important rules on working on your sales strategy.

Rule #1 What not to say

You are selling hair primary because you want people to gain confidence, to feel great. Right? To make your clients feel good, you should avoid to use words that triggers resistance. Instead of using words like price or payment, talk about the benefits for your customers. Tell them about the value of their purchase for example. Or something like “invest in your Hair Style, you are worth it!”

Avoid also the word cheap, cheap hair might sounds great in dollars, but if it is also linked to a poor quality. Your client deserves the best hair for a reasonable price. The best guarantee for a loyal client base.

Make it part of the elevator pitch to tell a potential customer why she has to buy from you.Use only words that show the value your hair will add to your client. Again because she is worth it!

Rule# 2 Like each other

Your sales strategy should include time and effort to invest in the relation with your potential customer. Did you know, most purchases are made by people who like you. Surveys shows, people can even buy stuff they do not need, only because they like the person who offers it. You! The great thing is people who like you, will most probably also want to listen to you. If you tell a genuine story they will trust you. We all know in the hair business trust is very, very important. So if your potential client has gone through these three steps, they will buy from you.

Now you also understand a shout out about the best bundle deals might give response, but hardly any sales.


Hair Sales Strategy

How to build up trust if you want to sell?

It seems Selling and Trust does not go together well, partially because your client understands you not only want to help her with her styling or beauty problem. She also knows you want to make a profit out of this. And that feels conflicting.

You have to put the buyers interest first, in your sales strategy. So it helps to make the sale not your objective. Care about the customer. The hair business is a great business to show this. Do not talk bad about the competition, but discuss if the offer of the competition is the best solution for your client. If your client hesitates to “invest in her confidence “or to purchase the hair. Give her time, you can’t hurry a sale, not if you still want your client to return to buy again.

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