Lack of money can’t stop the start of your store

You have everything in place, you know who wants your hair, you have a marketing plan, even two hair suppliers, but how are you going to finance all this?

Ask your parents for support, bake cupcakes to sell in the neighborhood, get a bank loan or organize a crowdfunding campaign.

Crowdfunding is a popular method to raise money for start-ups or for people with crazy ideas. So if you have an idea to change the hair industry for ever. Why not trying to fund your business by crowdfunding.

For a loan you only need to speak to your parents, or the bank manager, but for crowdfunding you have to talk to a crowd!

It’s key to write your business plan and to describe your idea and how it will become a success. There are people out there interested to invest in your hair Bizz. You only have to find them. So first check existing crowdfunding projects, and learn from the successful ones. How is their offer or presentation different from the rest and use this insight to drive traffic to your project.

In life you need ambassadors, people with influence who will tell others about you and your great idea. So if you have a great idea, look for influencers, not only in your neighborhood but also on the internet. Build a relation first and get them interested in your idea.

We all know, people are very busy and they get millions of messages a day, from conversations, newspapers, billboards, TV, Radio anything. So you have to make a lot of buzz to get your messages heard. Not only once you launch your crowdfunding campaign, also before the launch. You need to set up a well-planned campaign to fund your hair business.

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Fabhair 1984 LLC

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Tips for Crowdfunding Success

Best practices

Nothing wrong to google first on successful or best crowdfunding campaigns. No need to re-invent the wheel, but use the effort and lessons learned from others. But for your own campaign be original, never simply copy paste campaigns from others.


I mentioned it before, do not press the publish button but set up a campaign. Heat up the audience, make the buzz and use influencers to carry your crowdfunding messages to new territories.

Rewards do not have to be financially only

Think very well about the rewards you want to give to those who believe in you. Some people might love your ambition, or the idea but are not interested to buy your hair. If you only offer free hair for those who support the start with their funding, you will miss this group. Allow them to just donate a small amount of money, and do not forget to send them a thank you note. Not only after they joined the crowdfunding, but also every year later. Perhaps you need them in the future again when you want to open your second store.

Do you need funding for your business?