How not to lose your clients if you leave Mayvenn

Mayvenn is a distribution organisation, like Pure Remy and some others. You can sell hair extensions using the website, marketing support and hair of the distributor. But who benefits from your effort and what if your hair business is ready to grow to the next level? If you want a hair business with 100% of the profit for you!

Distributors to start your business

For some hair resellers, organisations like Mayvenn and Pure Remy are a great start for your business. These organisations do take away a lot of work for start-ups and companies.


  • They provide the hair,
  • organize the marketing campaigns,
  • set the price,
  • decide what you can earn and
  • have rules about even the design of your website.

Nothing wrong to give away your freedom to start selling hair, but one of the beautiful things to start a business is that you can decide what your market, your potential customers need. Because if not, it’s better to work for a boss and get paid per hour. Less uncertainty for a higher amount. I see many women using the distributorship to start to build experience in selling hair extensions and to start with a small investment.

Grow your hair business in Mayvenn

But some of them Mayvenngrow their franchise very well, more and more clients who love and like the store owner and her products. We all know the relation between buyer and seller, especially in the hair and beauty industry is very important, if not crucial. Your name is important; people will remember your name if they want to buy hair again.

But if you are a distributor you are limited to the freedom you have to use your own name, or name of the brand you want to grow. No problem if you want to stay with Mayvenn or Pure Remy for ever, but a big hurdle if you want grow bigger. If you leave the organisation, you will also leave your name, your url, that is the path on internet to your store, behind.

Mayvenn for ever?

This means you can never leave Mayvenn without starting from scratch again? If you start your own business you will have to contact all your clients and inform them about the new store. Bear in mind the risk some will not understand the message and stay behind?

Grow bigger thanks to Mayvenn or Pure Remy

There is a solution to make sure you will always benefit from the time, money and effort you put in creating a well-recognized name in the market.
All the time you sold hair and build up a name in this business you can take with you if you decide to start.

All you need is from the first day you start as distributor, or as fast as possible if you already started, to register own domain name.
Set up your own website to start and make a link to you Mayvenn store. In the beginning focus on your distributorship, but over time grow your own full website, with happy clients, testimonials and a blog perhaps. Get more traffic and sell using Mayvenn, or Pure Remy, or any other distributor.

How to start your own hair product line

Keep all your clients for yourself and not to Mayvenn

By doing so you build up a brand name using a website and domain that is fully owned by you. The day you want to stop as distributor and to earn all the money for yourself, the Mayvenn site will stop and you plug in your own store module.
This is a win win, because in the beginning it will be an extra site to drive traffic to your Mayvenn store and later you can be 100% your own boss without losing clients. You do not even have to inform your clients about the change.

So start selling thanks to a distributor like Mayvenn and keep your client base with a store of your own.

Feel free to contact me how this can work for you, or claim your domain right now!