How much is this hair?

That’s sounds like the beginning of a great deal. But many times there is only follows … silence.

Last month I spoke a very nice woman who had quite a number of followers on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. She was able to start the conversation, she received a lot of inquiries and requests for the price of the hair. But hardly any sales. It was clear something was missing.

It was a bit frustrating, to put it mildly, to post a great picture of the hair or a happy client, to get shares, a lot of xx and comments like: Love this and How much is this hair? She replied to everybody, but after that there was silence, no response, no purchase, no thank you.

Why there is silence after How much is this hair?

This is for a great part because how the human brains work, our brain is trained to keep an eye and ear open for things that might be interesting for us. In the beginning of mankind it was the best way to find the fruit that was ripe. Your ancestors walked through the forest and while they talked about family affairs they picked the fruit. But only the ripe ones.

Today our brains still work the same way. Your ideal client watches Real Housewives of Atlanta checks her iPhone and talks with her best friends. Then she sees what she likes, your hair. She responds right away; she likes your hair or she post the question: How much is this hair. Because this is what she is thinking of.


How Much Is This Hair

You answer her the moment you read her comment. The more hours between her placing the comment and your response the more unlikely she will answer.

Tip number one:

Keep your eyes on your social media and try to answer swiftly. If possible right away or within 5 minutes.

We all know there are more pictures on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest of hair then fish in the sea. So big change after your gorgeous hair pictures your client has seen other pictures. She might forget you! So now you have to make her see your pictures, more often. Your pictures, your brand name, and your offer. You have to make her return to your account. You already have an advantage, she knows who you are, so let’s keep the conversation going.

Tip number two:

Do her a favor. Like a recent picture or post and leave a kind and honest comment. You are in the business of making people look and feel good, and this is your first chance to make a person you never met before to feel good.

Now you have a relation

Now the two of you are connected, the chance she will respond has increased significantly. This is great and you should keep the relation warm, but because you are in business you have to be efficient too. You can’t spend hours on social media to like, and comment. You have a business to run.

This is the time to automate your relation to work towards a happy client! From How much is this hair to thanks for receiving the hair I love it!

Leave a comment if you want to know how, I will email you with the answer!