Last week I started to share the Hair Extensions Distributors plan, or to start selling hair without inventory. If you are short on cash, or do not want to invest all your money in hair, this the alternative.
The Hair Extensions Distributors plan will combine your own entrepreneurial skills and capability to build your own network, the marketing and sales knowledge of the network of HowToSellHairExtensions and a hair supplier.

Unique of this Hair Extensions Distributors plan is you decide on the process and marketing strategy, you are your own boss with your own clients and it stays that way. You will always keep your clients, also if you leave the Hair Extensions Distributors plan. So only a win-win!

So, the update, where are we today?

Through email, the website and WhatsApp I received already many enthusiastic women and men with passion for hair. It’s amazing how many wanted to join the team. I really liked this, because that what it is supposed to be, a team!

Hair Extensions Distributors
Everybody has received a response and if they have the right motivation also an invitation to schedule a call. This call will help to form the team and to explain the plan. But, not of the least importance, it is the moment to share your ideas, needs and suggestions.

The first adjustment I had to make was the geographical distribution. If you are a team, you are not competing with each other. Thus it is important not too many distributors will aim at the same market or area. At this moment it is the first who applies, who will get the preference.
The first calls have taken place or are scheduled, and after the transfer of USD 8.50 they all received a copy of the Ebook “From Dream to your Own Hair Extensions Business, in Only 10 days”.

Some people scheduled a call but did not show up at the agreed time. This reduces the possibilities for others to join the team. If you want to join the team, please not only transfer the 8.50 contribution but also join the call.
We still have room for applications, 2 third is living in the United States, but also the UK and Africa will start with The Hair Extensions Distributors plan.
If you did not sign up yet, why don’t you leave your motivation as comment and plan your call to start selling without no stock!