reasons people buy your hair in the cart but don’t want to pay!

You are in this business to make people look and feel good, right! But that’s only possible if people buy your hair, if you can stay in business.
Nearly 2 out of three visitors of your website who placed the hair extensions they want in their shopping carts, abandon your website without closing the purchase. And that’s not a nice story to read, so why don’t they want to buy your hair?
You did everything right, you not only have an awesome website, but you also combined your social media to connect with your visitors. Your analytics shows returning visitors are increasing, people not only found your site, they also like to return to your website.
It is getting even more better, they also like your hair and they decide to buy your hair. This is what’s all about, real hair buying customers on your site!
But why isn’t it showing in your wallet? Why does all this good news not increase the balance of your bank account?
Please see the four most common reasons why people do not buy your hair, plus read the solutions.

1. Do not ask too much questions on checkout

1 out of five visitors leave your site without buying your hair extensions because you ask too many questions on check out. Your client wants only one thing, to buy your hair. But you are already interested in the second time they purchase your hair. So you want to know more about your client. But now you run the risk they will not buy at all.
So avoid a lot of questions on check out, and use email and other media to get a better picture of your client. Allow your client, after the purchase to sign up for your newsletter and ask some additional questions. The deal has been done plus you understand your client more better and you can focus your targeting messages.

2. Coupon

People like coupons, and this is a great way to increase sales because you give some special attention for people who are loyal to you. For example because they signed up for your newsletter.
And people will remember they have a coupon code. But what if the coupon code is not valid at check out. If your client with three bundles hair in their cart are at the check out and they can’t use their coupon, or can’t find it. Their leave the cart, and you lose a client!
If you use a coupon, check if it works well and share the coupon code if your customer checks out. Do not make it a secret!

3. Add more payment options

People do not want to look for the right wallet before they can purchase what they want. Make sure you offer different payment options on your website. If you have to pay a high commission for one or more, offer your clients a discount if they select a cheaper payment method to buy their hair.

4. Avoid surprises

Avoid any surprise and do not charge a shipping or handling fee after your potential client decided to buy from you. This will disrupt the process they have been going through to buy your hair. Nearly 1 out of 3 (!) people abandon their shopping cart if they have to pay shipping expenses, and were not informed earlier in the process.
You can however always treat them on a pleasant surprise.

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