You need Free Hair Samples?

Free Hair Samples are the best way to build confidence in a hair supplier you have not ordered from before. If you search on the internet, you will find thousands of hair wholesale companies, but which one has the right hair? The hair your clients are looking for? Think of the texture, wavy, curly or any other texture, the origin from Brazilian to Malaysian, or the color.

Step one Talk hair before you order free hair samples

A first step before you order a hair sample is to find out what your client needs. You are the expert, but your client will only buy if you offer the hair she is looking for. Make sure you understand her needs, talk hair with your visitors and clients.

Step two it’s not only about the free sample, it’ s about a relationship

Especially if your pocket is small and you want to start selling hair extensions free Hair Samples are of great help. But avoid to make it a sport to order as much as possible free samples. You want to run a business and this means serious business, also with respect to the relations with your suppliers. It’s not only about the hair samples, you also must feel a click with the sales department. A hair sample for free is one thing, wholesale orders are another.

free hair sample

Step three test the samples

It is very important to find the right hair your client needs, and you will lose a lot of money if you must buy samples from all suppliers you want to try. Some samples will be very small in size or weight and will allow you to perform some basic testing, but you will never be able to say the hair is 100% fit for your clients if you have never installed the hair yourself. So, consider to order enough hair to install the hair.

Free hair samplesFree hair samples

Free hair samples go at a cost, at least the shipping from supplier to your home address and any other handling fee or custom duties might occur.  If you buy your hair from abroad your country might levy taxes. However, some wholesale suppliers offer to deduct the cost related to the sample with the first wholesale order, this means you win two times, the most important is you found good hair because you order wholesale. But secondly you get a refund of your initial investment in the hair.


Tell me if you are interested

There are several companies who offer free hair samples, and I am preparing a list of these companies, next to a list of preferred hair suppliers who are also willing to offer free hair extensions samples.

If you need free samples let me know in a comment below this page and I will do my best to help you!