Hair Company Names Suggestions for Atlanta

Atlanta is the HOT spot for hair extensions stores. There is no other place on earth where the competition between hair extension stores is fiercer. If you live in Atlanta and you have passion for selling hair extensions, here are 5 tips to create a winning brand. Hair Company Names suggestions. Follow these tips and you will gain much more traffic to your hair store in Atlanta.

The purpose of this post is to take you by the hand and to lead you in 5 steps to a name that will make you stand out of the crowd. A Hair Company name that people will not only remember, but also will find looking for hair extensions in Atlanta.

There are many approaches to find the best name for your business, today I will use an approach for a saturated hair market.

Who do you want to find your store?

Do not try to sell to everybody, but focus on a special group of women or men who are interested in buying hair extensions. If you know who you want to service, it is much easier to broadcast your marketing message and to connect with your clients.

Hair Company Name tip

Why wouldn’t you include your target group in your brand name, if you offer hair for the LGBT community, make sure it’s included or a keyword that is used often by your niche.



Be different and do not forget to tell the world

Give people a good reason to visit your store. Do not offer “hair extensions” or “bundle deals”. This will force you in an uphill battle, because on these services you will find a lot of other stores. But as said many times before, your clients are not in need of an artificial hair, no they want to enhance their physical appearance.

Offer the complete make over, a self-esteem boost and select a name that tells the world about your offer.

Hair Company Name tip

Include the make-over you offer in your name, show you offer a one stop happy customer treatment.

Location, location and location

Not only for real estate but also for hair extensions services the location is very important.

Your clients deserve the best service, and only the best service will turn them into happy and loyal clients. Why would you want your clients to visit your store, why they should plan a visit to your store while it can be so much comfortable for them to try and buy the hair at their home, office or any other place, like Spa or fitness centre?

Hair Company Name tip

Go for comfortable and tell your clients you offer services at any place they prefer. Include Atlanta, or a specific area or if you go mobile, tell them

Time is on our side

A famous song from the Stones, but this text is valid for your clients too. You have picked your share of the market. For example, business women. Offer a service at the time that is convenient for them. Often this is aligned with the location. Offer your client the hair at the place and moment of the day that fit’s in their agenda.


Hair Company Name tip

Do you offer services 24/7, or in the night, tell the world and include it in your name


How to create a name

Now you have the four key elements for good Hair Company Names, and business offer, to distinguish yourself from many other hair suppliers. The final step is to include these elements in your brand name.

There are a few reasons Hair Company Names are important, to rank high in search results so new visitors will be able to find your store and to make people who already visited your store will remember your brand to return later again!

You can use the tool below to check how your name will look like and is still available