Grow your business thanks to Freedom Couture

Learn from the competition, but do not copy paste! For example, check the Freedom Couture Giveaway Christmas edition 2016. See what you can do to attract some extra people to your web store or salon.

Freedom Couture Australia has a special page to invite their clientele and visitors of the Freedom Couture website to participate in the Freedom Couture Giveaway. On this page the reason behind the contest is explained, to enable more women to feel confident with a Freedom Couture wig. The rules of the contest and of course the giveaway. I will go more in detail on every item of this contest with a suggestion how you can adapt this offer for your own clientele and your own wallet.

Freedom Couture Giveaway Page

Your Marketing message must be found and read by as many people, website visitors or clients, as possible. They must understand the benefit they will get if they participate in the contest and any other relevant detail.
TIP for You: Create a dedicated webpage to the Giveaway. Add a, temporarily, menu item on your homepage that will show Christmas Giveaway.

Freedom couture GiveawayWhy a Freedom Couture Giveaway?

What I liked is Francesca de Mori, the founder of Freedom Couture, clearly explains why she organises the Christmas Giveaway. Francesca shares her desire to make women all over the world to feel confident, loved and beautiful. But she also understands the financial position of not everybody allows them to buy a Freedom Couture Wig and for this she organises this Giveaway. The true spirit of Christmas, one would say.

TIP for You: Prepare a clear introduction of the Giveaway and do not keep away from a personal note. We all need a friendly word, not only with Christmas, and you will connect to many more people if you have a good story behind your Giveaway. It will help to get more contestants, and thus more buzz about your hair brand. And more buzz means higher rankings, more visitors and thus more sales.

What can you win with the Freedom Couture Giveaway?

The giveaway is amazing a 4,999 Australian dollar, or 3,800 us dollar wig, installed by Francesca in your own chair! A complete make over in your own home! Amazing, right all the way from Australia!

Okay, and now you understand why I mentioned in the first sentence, to learn from the competition but not to do a copy paste! To fly all over the world to give away a nearly 4k present will take many shop owners out of business.

Tip for You: Give your winner a special treatment, invite her to the salon or fashion store of a business friend for a makeover. Or visit your winner at home and ask a photographer to do a photoshoot, or anything your wallet can carry and brings Christmas to your lucky customer. Make sure the cost of the Giveaway will be in line with the benefit for you. See the next paragraph

What is in it for You?

This great Giveaway will give Freedom Couture a lot of publicity, on social media, but also in another media. This will lead to more people who are going to check out the offer and hair of Freedom Couture. To enter the contest people should tag as many people as possible under an Instagram Photo or clip on the Freedom Couture page and to re post with a hashtag #FCVIPBELLA. This will be seen by many people.

TIP for You: Grow your account, Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram in an original and creative way and ask people to comment and share the pictures to their friends. This will grow the number of people who will see your brand. This will increase the number of followers and potential clients!

Now it’s up to you!

Please share with me in the comments below want you think of the Christmas contents a la Freedom Couture and if you are going to boost your sales with a similar Giveaway! I look forward to hear from you!