How to start a hair business before Christmas

Christmas time is coming a period most people want to look at their very best. The next coming weeks are the best to start your own business. If you have no store yet, read how to start a hair business before Christmas.

In this post, you can read what the steps are to know how to start a hair business before Christmas and how you can turn an idea into a real working plan.

Are you the kind of person that likes to turn a bad experience into an opportunity?

When you buy hair extensions in a store or salon, don’t you ever think, “hmm I can do this much better? “. Perhaps you have been purchasing your extensions from many other stores and you see things you like. And of course, you also see things you do not like in the service offering from some of these hair stores.

If you are not happy with a situation, there are three things you can do; accept it and buy your hair from stores and never be satisfied, stop using extensions or to start your own store. If you prefer to accept it or you turn your back to the hair extensions, I advise you to stop reading.

If you like to turn a bad experience into good opportunities, please stay with me.


Get ideas

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If you prefer a guide on how to start a hair business, I recommend the eBook “From Dream to your Own Hair Extensions Business, in only 10 Days”. This eBook will help you in a structured way to understand the needs of your clients, to analyse the competition and to discover your unique selling point. Or how you can be different from the rest and steal the clients from the competition.

This is also the time to start to open some social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. Use these social media tools your clients use. Start to build your network, interact with others, solve their problems and tell them about your hair venture.


Free hair samples

Now you need hair, what about some free samples to test and see if you’ve found the hair your clients are looking for. Search the internet to find stores that offer free samples, and are hair wholesale suppliers. There is no use to get a free sample from a company that is not offering wholesale. I can connect you with companies who offer free samples, in most cases you only need to pay for the shipping. Get the hair in the house and test the hair.

If you prefer you can also get suppliers inboxed, now you can choose what’s best for your future clients.

You are the boss, but you are not alone

You are your own boss now, and if you prefer a mentor who will be there when you need advice on the hair business, just call him at the time you prefer!

With the steps, above you are ready to open a webstore, claim your brand name, and fill your store with the beautiful hair you just found, use your followers on social media know you are open for business and start selling!

Would you like this work for you? Get your copy of the Hair Extensions Business Plan Templates now. So, you do not only know how to start a hair business before Christmas, you also will make money before Christmas!