How much is needed for a hair business

You earn money with money. First you must invest time and money in your hair business before you can start to get sales. For that reason, I receive questions by email or social media, asking How much is needed for a hair business.

The answer is, I do not know!

Wait before you click a way to another website, what I want to say is, it depends on what you want to achieve!

What do you need to know first

To answer the question how much is needed for a hair business you should take a few things into consideration.

  1. What kind of hair business do you want to start?
  2. Do you want to grow by great content or to market your hair business?
  3. Do you want to start selling wholesale or retail?
  4. What is your inventory strategy, do you need a lot of inventory or not?
  5. Do you want a store or only online presence?


As you see, it all depends on the plan you should have to start a hair business.  Of course, we all know the success stories from big firms or hair brands who started with selling hair out of the trunk of their car. With USD 2000 you can start an imperium, but it also involves a lot of work and luck.

Your plan on one page

My recommendation to people who ask me how much is needed for a hair business is to start with their business plan. No need to complete a 50 pages detailed plan to know how much you need, but start with a one pager that describes what is your mission, when you want to be break even, how you will be different and how you are going to connect with your ideal client.

You can keep it at low cost, using free hair samples, social media and the templates I offer, or If you have access to enough cash you can invest in a nice website combined with a salon.

Let me know how you want to your store to be different and I can tell you how much is needed for a hair business