How to start selling hair as cosmetology student

As cosmetology student, it’s a great opportunity to know how to start selling hair. It helps you not only to rocket your business into success after you passed the exam. It also helps you to finance your study.

In this post, you can read how to start selling hair as cosmetology student.

First some background information about the requirement to have your cosmetology license, followed by tips on how to start selling hair.

Make clients feel great again!

A cosmetologist has the most beautiful job on earth, you help your customer to look and feel great again by updating their physical appearance. You can do so by focusing on cutting, coloring or styling hair, but you can also specialize in skincare or nails.

Because this is of course a very sensitive treatment, cosmetologists in the United States are required to complete training at a certified cosmetology school. Every state has different requirements, so be sure to check the local requirements before you start.

In most cases, there are age restrictions and if you participate in the program you must complete a set number of training hours during cosmetology school.

Be prepared to do written or practical tests for the licensing exam. Think off questions about chemical usage, hair styling techniques but also state law. Practical tests involve applicants to follow directions to style a model.

If you passed the exam you must renew it by periodically paying a fee and to fill some paperwork.

How to pay for it?

There are different prices for a training as licensed cosmetologist, but you should at least invest a couple of thousand dollars in the training of this beautiful job before you can start. This brings me to the question, how to pay for this? For example, by selling hair.

How to start selling hair as cosmetology student

A great and natural way to finance your study is to start selling hair extensions as cosmetology student. This is a double-edged sword, because it pays for the fee and you start to build your clientele before you are launching your own full fledge hair business.

Be prepared and always have a business card with you to share with potential clients, models you must style, or even your teacher. Be original and do not exaggerate about your business. You are a cosmetology student, so put this on your card. Many customers appreciate if you show want to achieve something in life. Use this in your advantage.


Of course, you have a Facebook, or Instagram account to share your victories, the people you already gave a complete make over. Avoid to use pictures you picked from the internet, it works much better with selfies and before and after pictures of your own clients. Better a small number of pictures of your own achievements.  Do not put the over-exposed and borrowed pictures of others big names.

You can now also start to build your name with a website to show your portfolio and professionalism to potential salons or business you want to work. Nothing wrong to be experienced in the field before you start to become your own boss. If you need help to find a name and a reliable hosting company, check my the page about hair and beauty company names.

Now you need hair!

I received a lot of questions of women who wanted support to start selling hair, in the first place you will find tons of information on this website. If you prefer one complete package, including free hair samples, hair suppliers but also advice by a mentor to start, I recommend you to check my special page about the complete starters kit. Please check and leave a comment if this will help you or you need more to know how to start selling hair as cosmetology student.