Everybody wants a little love, to turn from victim to victor

Before you continue to read, please know this post is different from the others on this website. Today, I want to share with you some insight on voluntary work I do to help people who have been sexually abused in their childhood.
I love to share ideas and concepts to be different selling hair extensions, how to start your online business and to grow to a business big enough to earn a living. To talk with you on Skype or to chat on WhatsApp inspires me, and it’s great to be able to talk to so many different people, from all over the world.
Thanks to the shape of the planet I do not have a regular 8 to 5 job with HowToSellHairExtensions. I work in the middle of the night, early morning hours or sometime not at all.

Voluntary work

For me it’s very rewarding HowToSellHairExtensions leaves me time to give energy, inspiration and sometimes just some attention to the community. For a year now I am a voluntary board member of a foundation for victims of sexual abuse (SKIP).

In the Netherlands abuse was not only a practice in the Church, but also when children were under custody of foster parents and -houses. I fear by the way, the past sentence does not apply, and the risk of child abuse is still present today.

The foundation gives a platform to these victims, it lobbies with the government for financial compensation, for sharing information so the whole society can learn and hopefully detect child abuse in your environment in an early stage. But also, to receive funds to be able to organise meetings to empower people.

A year is a very short period, but I can tell you I have seen several people in that year who changed from victim to victor, thanks to the work of the Foundation. People who had their mind made up to give up this battle and to lock themselves up in their home. Who now organize events or shared their very intimate live story in a documentary on YouTube. Those people are the true heroes of our society in my eyes.

I feel honoured to be a spokesman for these people, because everybody wants a little love and sometimes this love turns you from victim to victor.

Everybody wants a little love

I can recommend you, if you have the time next to your business and perhaps day time job, to invest in your community. There are many people who can use your attention and love, and if we all turn somebody from victim into victor, our whole world will soon be truly great again!

If you support charity or any other great local imitative in your community, please post your comment to inspire others to do the same, or to get attention for your initiative and to make this world a better place for all of us!