Low self-esteem should not stop you from selling hair extensions

If somebody sign’s up for my newsletter, I always like to know what their biggest struggle is. I really appreciate if somebody takes the effort to sign up for my newsletter. The newsletter is in many cases the start of a new relation between you as a reader and me. And if people meet for the first time, it’s a good moment to start the conversation.

Everybody who new subscribes up receives a welcome short note as swift as possible after they sign up for the newsletter. In most cases I receive the same or next day a response.

What are you struggling with right now?

Every time I feel honoured when people share their struggle with me. Because I appreciate the confidence and trust, these mails get the highest priority to answer. Next to the fact it helps me to build a true relationship with my readers, it also keeps me informed about the topics, issues and worries my readers face and could be worth to write about to share it with a bigger audience.

A star player with low self-esteem

Today for example, I received a “what are you struggling with right now” response from Candy. In short Candy shared with me she was not feeling secure enough to start a hair business. She felt she was over thinking everything, despite the positive feedback she received from friends and family. She wanted everything to be perfect before she started, but her low self-esteem kept her from starting a hair business.

The way Candy shared her story and what she shared gave me the feeling this was a woman with passion to make others look and feel good. She was star player. If Candy could transpose this feeling to me only by writing an email, imagine what happens if she is selling her hair, by webstore, social media or in a salon!

I felt it would be a waste for the talents of Candy and all her potential clients if she wouldn’t start her own hair business. I shared with Candy my advice that it’s good to strive for perfection, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Also in the beauty industry. You will experience how well your plan will work, only after the launch of your business. There must be a moment, the planning will stop and the doing will start.

Copy eBook not to have excuse not to start selling hair

Candy shared some other questions, which I also answered, but because I really wanted to support her and to help her to start her own business I gave her a copy of my eBook “From Dream to Your Own Hair Extensions Business, in Only 10 Days” . As token of my appreciation and because I did not want Candy to have any excuse not to start her own business.

Candy replied to my mail within the hour and I can tell you, she really made my day, because she promised to start reading the eBook right away and she was very happy with my offer to support her!

Sign up so we can start to know each other too!

I hope to start to promote Candy’s hair store soon on my website! If you did not sign up for the newsletter please do, I can’t wait to get to know you!