How to put a hair extensions business plan together?


Two sisters living in Texas have the idea to work together. They want to put a hair extensions business plan together to start an online business. They are full of ideas and desire to start selling, but how will they start?


I like it when family members join forces and start to sell hair. I mean, sisters, mother and daughter or aunt together with her cousins start to sell hair. Often this creates a good team of people who connect. One party can focus on selling the hair and the other can take care of the logistical part of the business. Or to find hair suppliers.

Earlier this year I had an interview with Damaris and Devinn. This mother and daughter behind The Mint Hair Company could be a source for inspiration.


Manage expectations

To start your hair extensions store with another person requires you manage the expectations. I recommend to sit together and to discuss what the both of you expect of this venture. Think of:

  • how important should the business be,
  • some extra money next to a day time job or
  • do you want to earn enough to pay the bills,
  • will the both of you work the equal amount of time and is this reasonable,
  • what if you must break up the collaboration?

Not necessary for bad reasons, but in life somebody might have a good reason to stop with a business. Because of family expansion or a new career opportunity, or after winning the lottery. It’s better to agree on this upfront instead to cross that bridge when you get there.


Put a hair extensions business plan together, the mission


The first talks should be about the mission of the business, why do we want to start selling hair and what is our goal. There should be a mutual understanding. Make sure to make notes, this will be the basic material if you put a hair extensions business plan together.


For whom you are in business, who will be your client?


Now you have clear:

  • what you want to achieve
  • in what time frame and
  • how you will deal with a change in the collaboration.

The next talk should be about who you want to support. Who you want to feel good. In the beginning stay as close as possible to a part of the community you are familiar with. The better you understand the needs of your potential clients, the better you can market the hair.

If you understand how your potential clients gather information, you will be:

  • successful in placing the hair they like (yours)
  • front of them (the right social media or website)
  • at the time they are ready for it (your publishing calendar).

Understand the needs of your clients


Perform a market survey. Make sure you use these first contacts with potential clients to build a relationship.

  • hand over a business card,
  • ask for their email address so you can inform them when you launch your store,
  • connect with people online and comment on their pictures. Make sure to have your social media in place.
  • use a name people remember and triggers people to visit your social media.


Here it comes. the hair


The market survey will show the needs your clients have about price, texture and quality of the hair. Now you can turn your back to hair suppliers and hunt the planet until you found the best supplier. It will be much easier to find the right supplier, because you know exactly what you need. The hair you need is what your clients buy as soon as you have it in store. At the right conditions, price, return policy and charges.


Put your customer in the middle of your company


When you held the market survey, you already started to market your business. Now you must increase your effort:

  • start a blog to attract new visitors to your hair store,
  • use social media to attract and
  • connect with potential customers and to tell your story.

Tell them you are in business because you want your client to look and feel good. Be sure you place your customer in the center of your product offering.


From Dream to your own hair extensions business, in only 10 days

The Sisters bought the eBook “From Dream to your own hair extensions business, in only 10 days”. This eBook give them a lot of guidance to start.

When they are ready to start I recommend to check the Hair Extensions Business Plan Package. Free hair samples, introduction to hair suppliers and much more like a 30 minute skype call with me.


Do you want to start a business with a family member too?


Let me know, are you ready to put a hair extensions business plan together with a family member or do you prefer to start all by yourself?