“I have passion for hair, but no cash to start selling!”

It pains me, every time when I read this sentence or hear this cry for help.  Yeah, I have seen all three parts of the Nollywood bestseller A Cry for Help with Nkiru Silvanus.

It pains me. Not only because I am not Santa Claus. Also because I see enough women who manage to make money without selling hair. You too can make money with your passion for hair! You only need to have passion! And this I can tell by experience most of you have plenty!

The art, because that is what story telling is, is to inspire people. Make the creative part of their brains work. If you know how to tell stories to your kids and they keep on staring at you with their big eyes. If you know how to calm down your ten cousins when they are together breaking down the house. You now how to keep the attention of your audience and to inspire them with your passion for hair.

How does it work?

Out there are many women looking for answers. They all want to look good. They want to buy a wig, or hair extensions for the first time or they want to go natural and need a protective hair style. They have plenty of questions but not all the answers.

And there you come in, you have tons of ideas. You have the passion to find the answer on any question you never heard before.

All you need is to combine this, the questions of your audience and the answers you got.

Start a hair blog

Okay, it would be great if your sugar daddy gave you a off the rack hair store. But still you would not sell anything because you need people who trust you.  People who believe in the quality of the hair you sell.

An awesome way to build that trust between you and your audience is to start a hair blog. On the hair blog, or beauty blog you can help people. You will be able to create a community. A community of loyal followers.

Start with a content campaign. Define, based upon the needs of your audience, one or two topics. For example, how to buy hair extensions. The next step is to decide what the single items are that are relevant to discuss about the topic “How to Buy Hair Extensions”.

Suppose you have different items, like buy online, how to test the hair and maintenance. Now you can start to prepare the blog posts for each of these items. The next step is to plan when you want to publish the posts and ready you are!

Make money with your blog

Okay, nice people who follow, but why would you invest all the time and effort in a hair blog. One, because it will give you a network of future clients. Once you are ready to sell hair, you already have a big community of potential buyers. But two, you can monetarize your hair blog. You can start to sell advertisement space. AdSense for example from google, allows you to earn money with your blog.

All you need to do is to sign up for an AdSense account and to activate the advertisements. AdSense will place advertisements based upon the visitor’s needs. So, if you have a hair blog, you will see advertisements about hair on your blog. This is a great method to support your ideal readers even better.  Every time when they visit your blog, the can not only read your blog, but they can also find relevant stores. For every click or view you can earn money. You have happy readers of your blog and you can start to save money for your next adventure the hair store.

Do You want to start making money with passion for hair

Ready to start earning money with your passion, start a hair blog now and claim your hair blog name in the widget below.

Claim your domain and start a blog today! Making cash in a legal way was never this easy!