Your Own Hair Business in 2017, yes or no?


I heard them all. Excuses from women all over the world why didn’t start their own hair business:

  • Too little money,
  • Market is saturated
  • I have a low self esteem
  • Can’t find the right hair supplier

For sure you can think of your own good excuse not to start your own hair business in 2017.

But sorry, I do not accept it any more. I spoke with too many girls and women in 2016 who did not start. They shared their dream, their passion and knew how to inspire me.


I love Skype calls with a girl who believes the market is saturated and there is no place for her. In the call, they talk with so much passion about hair, they have all kind of ideas to put the client in the middle of their business.

You have the dream of Your Own Hair Business

Still they tell me, they do not know how to start their own hair business.

I fail to understand how somebody can talk hair with the enthusiasm she just met a handsome boy and still does not want to make the next step! Hey, girl, why not start your own hair business if you have it all within reach!

Okay, what if you would be talking to me. Suppose you told me your ideas. You tell me you like to make other women feel good. You talk hair whole day long! I will not drop the call until the fire you put me on starts to put you on fire too. If you can inspire me with your story, I want you to take the next step.

Stop dreaming, stop to find excuses and make it work. You still should use your brains but please start. Make the world a better place and make others, women or men look and feel good.
I will help you with your business plan, the name for your store. To be different and to get more visitors, to get hair suppliers in your inbox or WhatsApp. Anything.
But I must be realistic, I can only help 1,000 women in 2017, no more. If you are number 1,001 sorry but indeed you’ll keep on dreaming.

If you want me to help you to start, if you want to stop dreaming and start selling hair, tell me in the comments. I will contact you, we schedule a call and you will make the hair market rock!
You want to go for it? Leave a comment to tell me you are ready to start a hair business  and I come to help you in 2017