Working Mothers from all over the world!


I need your help. With this post, I ask all working mothers selling hair, how they combine young kids in the house with work at home.

I have a dear friend who sells hair from the house, and she has a gorgeous 5 years old princes. Thanks to the holidays, her daughter is not going to school and is home all day long. That’s not a problem of course. In fact, it opens the possibility to spend more time together, quality time.

But the other side of being a working mother is the commitment to your clients and your company. Sometimes this is not that easy to combine, to put it mildly.


Last summer I shared a post about how to manage work and kids during holidays, but that was summer! Sun, nice weather and everybody happy. I can tell you the options to distract and entertain your 5 your old, are much less in winter. Especially when the winter comes with a lot of fog. Kids and bad weather is a totally different story! Right?


Dora the Explorer

My friend has used all the options, even Dora the explorer came to help. But after 3 hours or more watching cartoons, as a parent, you want your child to change focus. Go play with a doll, or any toy. Or be creative and paint a nice drawing for grandmother.

All these options sound like great solutions. But now suddenly your little princess really starts to act like a royalty. Was she able to watch cartoons all by herself, now she wants you to join in the play. Or she wants to make the painting only if you make a drawing for her too.

You are the parent, but ..she makes more noise

And that was exactly not what you had in mind!  Now you play your role as a parent and you say no. You play the nanny’s playbook and tell her “No, you must play alone, because mummy is working”. Great, you feel relieved and even proud of yourself.

Too bad this feeling only lasts for 3 minutes, because now you must deal with a crying descendant. Later she will impress the audience of the opera, but today she is ruining your day. You have mixed feeling, regret, but also impotence, how to solve this?

And now, after all these words, I turn to you, working mothers, Because the friend does not exist and I am the one having trouble to keep the kids quiet during these holidays. What can I do? How do you tackle this, what did your mother do. I am open for any solution. Please leave a comment under this post, I really appreciate your support.  Help!