Buy today, or you’ll never buy in my hair business anymore!

When was the last time you told a visitor “do not come to my hair business anymore”?

You might think, never, but you might tell this more often than you know. Not direct in the face of your client of course, or at least I hope not. But by not following up. If somebody only came to ask for information, or asked for your price-list. What happened after this?

These visitors are very valuable for your business, they know about your hair business, they have found you on the internet or in town! Now it’s up to you to make them never leave your hair store anymore!

You want to know how to welcome people to my hair business?

Offer your first-time visitors the content they are looking for. Beautiful pictures, interesting stories about hair trends, or frequently asked questions. Make sure you have content for newbies and for experienced buyers.

How can you share this content?

Open a blog on the website of your hair business, or launch your own hair store newsletter. Make a campaign calendar and publish your content once a week.

Do you like to read the latest news? The visitors of your website too. Nearly everybody loves to receive the latest news. This is the reason so many people sign up for a newsletter. And that’s great because you can deliver the content they need in their own inbox.

A newsletter “My hair business” can be a first step of a beautiful relation between the visitor and your company. A stranger who visited your website, now becomes a lead, a potential buyer of your hair.

No nameless visitor in your Google Analytics Statistics, but a person with a name and location.
Make sure you welcome this new lead, and reach out to offer more support. The best time is the moment they signed up for your newsletter. Write them a small welcome note and offer to help them with their most urgent challenge when buying hair.

What about a client who asked for a price-list?

Many times, you might get a mail or app for the price of your hair. You respond and then silence. No reaction anymore.
Do not get disappointed and turn your back to this person. There might be plenty reasons somebody doesn’t respond. From family crisis to too many emails in their inbox. Nothing to do with you, and nothing wrong with your hair. No reason to get frustrated. But all the reason to keep on investing in this lead.

Try to get more insight of the client at the first contact, add a contact form on your website and add a question on their social media. Start to follow them and interact. Social media is a great excuse to knock on somebody’s door without them getting annoyed. Do not shout,” Hey buy my hair” but engage with them.

A great way to make a next step in the relation between you and this lead.

When do you start your own newsletter to turn strangers into warm leads?