The temperature is below zero and a strong wind makes it even colder. It’s getting dark already and most people leave the parking spot of the local library to go home for dinner. Only a few see a girl, leaning against the wall of the Library, but they are all in a hurry. Hunger is on their mind.

Cynthia is standing outside the library, leaning as close as possible to the wall. By doing so she benefits most from the waves of the Wi-Fi broadcasted by the library. She is searching for hair suppliers. Her ambition is to start selling her own hair brand. She wants to sell hair. She works two jobs, but still not enough to pay all the bills every month. To fulfil her dream, she uses free Wi-Fi whenever she can.

Wholesale Supplier did not speak English

Recently she found a hair supplier in Vietnam. Their website had beautiful images of hair. Plus, many reviews. But the saleswomen from the Vietnamese hair supplier did not speak English very well. On top of that, she was only asking:

“Which texture you are looking for”,
“please tell me the hair you are looking for, so I can give you the price” and “how long for the hair you want.

That sales women clearly wanted to sell hair.

A click with the hair supplier

Okay, Cynthia was looking for hair, but it was not easy to buy from a stranger who was thousands of miles away. It’s not a loaf of bread she was buying, she had calculated she would invest the complete tax refund in this shipment. It was now or never, but she also knew she could only spend the money once. She felt she needed a better contact with the hair supplier before she would transfer one dollar.

She googled hair wholesalers and found the page to sign up for free hair wholesale contact. She had the choice between one contact for free or more for USD 1.50. Cynthia felt like the little match girl, who had to sell matches to keep warm. She decided to go for free, and hoped this contact would bring her luck. She filled in the form for a free hair supplier and went home. Cynthia was the last person leaving the parking.

The next day, during the break of her job at the fast food chain, she received a WhatsApp from a wholesale supplier, named Lydia. Lydia received her contact details and now she could app with this wholesale hair supplier. The talk was not about the hair she wanted to order. First some small talk, Cynthia felt she met finally a hair supplier who wanted to understand her situation. There was a click and she decided to ask Lydia to send her more info, process and images of the hair.

She started to plan the Hair Extensions Party

That afternoon she went to the library again, luckily it was before closing time. She studies the emails she received and she started to App again. She decided to place a small order with Lydia. Some bundles of body wave, some curly and straight in 14, 16 and 18 inch. This was all her tax refund allowed her to buy, and to allow her to organise a small hair extensions party. After she placed the order she started to plan the Hair Extensions Party right away. The location, the host, the theme of the party and the invitations.

Thanks to the track and trace number of the courier, she knew exactly when the day the hair will arrive. Cynthia was very nervous that day. She even made some mistakes at her work. She rushed home and was in time to hear DHL to ring her doorbell. Cynthia accepted the parcel, closed the door and opened the parcel. The hair was completely meeting her expectations. It was great. She played with it as if it was pure silk she received.

Start to sell hair, or not?

Now she had to sell, make some money. She already had asked her friends to at least invite one other friend. There would be 19 girls on her first hair extensions party and again she was nervous. Her best friend, Nancy, had a great fashion studio. This was the perfect entourage. She has bought some drinks and she has a new memory card for her phone, ready to make pictures.

The girls talked a lot and they admired the studio. Cynthia started to sweat. Because it seemed nobody was talking about the hair. Unbelievable her first business adventure would end at the first day she was open for business. She wanted to cry, but realised she should not give up now. Not now. When she was fetching new drinks, Nancy took her aside and told her she would do the drinks if Cynthia would start talking hair. And that did the trick. The girls only needed a little push and they started to feel, try and comment in the hair.

It was amazing, because imagine 20 girls in a fashion studio talking, feeling and trying hair extensions. The mood was great, the hair was great and … the first orders were placed. The psychology worked, to see somebody buying triggers the other person to buy too. At the end of the evening, Cynthia was only left with one regret. The regret her tax refund had not allow her to buy more hair.

Do you want to sell hair too?

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