Start a Money Generating WordPress Hair & Beauty Blog

What if you are full of passion for hair and you have that great desire to make others look and feel good. But you feel you are not ready to start a hair store, yet. You like to chat with hair suppliers and to perhaps buy a sample order, but still the step to your own store is too big. Or you have a day time job or school to attend. A lot of passion and knowledge but no time or money to launch your own hair business. What to do now? Train yourself to forget about hair, or share your love with others and make some nice money in the meantime? If you prefer the latter, please keep on reading.

With this post, you will learn all about easily creating a hair or beauty blog on your own and how to start a WordPress blog. WordPress is a tool made for blogging and very user friendly. Below you will read all the steps needed to start your own hair or beauty blog. From picking the domain name, to sing up and how to create your own WordPress Blog and of course how to make money with it.

Who will start first you or your best friend?

No need to start now, you need to be sure you have sufficient time to work on your blog. But do not be surprised when your best friend started a blog, just before you did. No problem because now you can start the competition for real. Let’s see who gets the most visitors!
Click here to start a blog on WordPress, then use the tutorial below for the easy directions.

Start a WordPress Blog

If you’re looking to start a WordPress blog for cheap, then choosing Bluehost for your hosting needs may be your answer. Bluehost is a great web host and I use Bluehost for all my websites and business plan clients.

The great thing of blogging, next to share your passion with others, is you can work from home, travel whenever you want, have a flexible schedule and more because it gives you the freedom to be yourself.

You do not need any license to make money with a blog, and you will easily generate more money than you pay for the blog hosting. Do not start to dream where to spend the money on, you need time to wrote the blogpost and to talk hair with suppliers and stylists!

Bluehost is one of the top web hosting companies and you can start your own blog with them for as low as $3.95 a month. Also, if you sign up using my link, then you will get your domain for free if you purchase a 12 month or longer hosting plan (a $15 value). I highly recommend signing up for the 12 month hosting plan through Bluehost. It’s affordable and you can save a lot of money by signing up for at least 12 months. Plus, there are no contracts and you can get a refund anytime, even after 11 months! Plus If you cancel within 30 days you receive a full refund on your hosting service. That’s what I call risk free. Start blogging and if you don’t like it, stop without losing money!

Okay, you can look for a free blog, why would you spend money on a blog if they are available for free? Well, that’s simple, because you will never get the traffic you need, others can easily steal your name and you will have much more trouble to earn money. Besides all this, if you prefer to save less than $ 4 a month with a free blog so you can make money the hard way, I will not stop you.

No limits to generate money with your own blog

Only with your own domain you can use all the available options to make money, run your own advertisements, publish affiliate links, offer direct advertising, etc.. Making money on Blogger or any other free blogging platform is very difficult, and in many cases never happens.

Why Bluehost

There are many reasons for why you may want to choose Bluehost for your WordPress blog and I honestly believe they are one of the best web hosting providers. These reasons include:

  • It’s easy to use. Yes, ANYONE can create a WordPress Hair and Beauty blog easily with my tutorial below. Bluehost makes it very easy to create a WordPress blog, also for other beautiful things like how to make cup-cakes!
  • Bluehost web hosting offers technical support.
  • Bluehost is extremely affordable and they offer cheap web hosting.
  • You can have a blog of your own and the only real expense you need to pay is the cheap blog hosting which starts for less than $4 per month.
  • You get a FREE blog domain.
  • WordPress through Bluehost is FREE.
  • If you sign up for Bluehost, but you are confused for any reason (such as how to set it up, picking a plan, pricing, etc.), you can always send me an email and I can help you out. Because I work with Bluehost and WordPress a lot.

You will be self-hosted. If you want to a money generating blog, then you will want to be self-hosted. All the money will be for you and you have no limitations.

If you plan on starting a blog on Bluehost and you are interested in learning how to start a blog on WordPress, continue below.

Remember, if you sign up for Bluehost, but you are confused for any reason (such as how to set it up, picking a plan, pricing, etc.), you can always send me an email and I can help you out. That’s what I’m here for so don’t be afraid to send me an email or contact me on WhatsApp + 31 6 234 44 902

Click here to start the process.

How to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost

1. Register your domain name.

You can click here to purchase a domain name and create a blog, then continue to follow the easy steps below.

If you want help to find a good name please read my page I wrote with an overview of the creative steps to find the best name for your blog

You can get your domain directly through Bluehost and make the whole process very easy. If you do this, you can get a FREE domain for the first year. You also get a cheaper monthly price when you buy at least 12 months of hosting, so the free domain just makes it even better. If you decide to get the free domain, just continue to the next step as you can buy your hosting and get the free domain all in one step.

If you visit Bluehost using this link, you will see the following page in your browser

Bluehost Website


The “Basic” package is most likely all you will need.

2. Buy hosting for your hair or beauty blog.

Setting up a WordPress blog on Bluehost is very easy. First, we will talk about the costs of blogging:
To receive the cheapest price to start a blog, then choosing the “Basic” plan is really all you need. It’s only $3.95 per month through my link (due upfront in full) if you sign up for 36 or 60 months.
If you sign up for a 24 month plan, then the price is $4.95 per month. If you sign up for a 12 month plan, then the price is $5.45 per month. $5.45 is still extremely affordable and it’s a great plan to choose (especially since you get a free domain at this price still!). If you are unsure about blogging, I would sign up for the 12 month plan as this is still a great price and very affordable for one year of blogging. If you purchase a 12 month plan, your total price is only $66 a year, which is still a great price. Plus, you still receive the free domain name when you sign up for 12 months or more which saves you money.

To start your hair or beauty blog the Basic plan is all you really need for now, so skip the Plus and Business Pro plans as they are more expensive. You can always change it later to a different plan if you want to (and just pay the difference), so there is no need to sign up for extra that you do not need.

The other item you may want to pay for when it comes to blogging is Domain Privacy Protection, which is only $0.99 per month. This is so that your contact information stays safe.

Other than the above, you do not need the other items that Bluehost sells, so I would uncheck any of the extras that are listed.

Remember, if you sign up using my link, then you will get your domain for free if you purchase a 12 month or longer blog hosting plan.

I want to reiterate why you should purchase at least a 12 month hosting plan. Month-to-month is less effective, and I highly recommend signing up for a minimum of 12 months for many reasons. By signing up for a minimum of 12 months, you will receive a free domain name, lower pricing, and you won’t have to deal with an expired website after each month. For example, if hosting is not renewed or if the card expires, then your website is down and you risk losing business (visitors/traffic) when you pay on a month-to-month basis. It’s also exceptionally more expensive to pay month-by-month rather than in one lump sum. The more years you sign up for, the less you pay, and tell me why would you stop with your money generating blog, until you made enough cash.

As I mentioned before, you can also receive a refund at any time, so I highly recommend signing up for the 12 months as it is the cheapest option. Some think that if they sign up for a yearly term then they are locked in a contract. However, that is not true. There are no contracts and you will be refunded should you decide to cancel. It’s a full refund within 30 days and then pro-rated after that. So whatever you don’t use, you’ll get back. There’s really no risk!
When you are ready to create your blog, follow the steps below to buy hosting for your blog.

Go to Bluehost and click the “Get Started Now” button.

Click on the package you are interested in.

Enter your domain name you registered with earlier, or sign up for a new domain name here.
Enter your personal and payment information.
Next you will be asked to enter a password. Make sure it’s secure as this information is very important. Do not forget to write it down, but you will also get an conformation email with all the details and to change your password.

4. Install WordPress on Bluehost.

Now you are ready to start to share with the whole world (I told you no limitations) about your passion for Hair and Beauty. Launch your money generating blog.

This part isn’t hard at all. Bluehost makes it very easy to create a WordPress blog and it is free.

When you are in your cPanel (you will receive a link to this in your welcome email from Bluehost), find and click on the menu that says “WordPress tools”.

This will begin the installation.

Once in the installation process, you must decide which domain you will want to install WordPress on, the user name for the blog and a safe password. Just follow the steps on the screen.

money generating hair and beauty blog

This will bring you to the design of your WordPress Blog. An easy step by step guide to help you to create a blog that fits 100% with your love for hair, beauty and other people.

Start making money with Adsense

Now you are ready to start writing, but first open an account with Google and apply for Adsense.

Do not forget to open an Adsense account. No matter how small the traffic is to your website, you can start to make money from your first visitor.

money generating hair and beauty blog

And now you can start writing and publishing pictures and video’s. By the way did you know you can use Adsense also to create money generating youtube reviews!

Do not forget to tell me about your blog in the comments below, so I can start to follow and recommend you to others!