Waiting for your IRS refund, start your own hair brand now!

Opportunity comes but once, and your tax refund is one of these moments. You want to be financially independent, talk hair and sell your own hair brand, but never had enough money? You always have bills to pay, mouths to feed and other things that burn your cash?

At the start of this year I promised to help you. If you want to start selling your own hair brand in 2017, I am here to support you. Invest your tax refund, or a part of it, in your dream, in your own future and start that business.

With the proper planning, reliable hair suppliers, your love for hair and your tax refund you can make it all happen this time. 2017 is the year of the launch of your hair brand.

Do not wait again another year, do not think of an excuse not to invest in yourself. You deserve better and I cleaned up my calendar to support you. So what’s holding you back?

What to do to start your own hair brand

Let me go against the advice of many Marketing Guru’s and instead of only one option, I let you decide to pick the best out of three option for you. Do not be confused and bounce away from this post. Read till the end of this post if you want to start your own hair brand in 2017.

Okay, there are three options, to start selling with your own brand of hair extensions.

Option A. Sign up for introductions to hair suppliers, I created a special page and all you must do is to fill in a simple form and press submit. That’s all, and you get a reliable supplier in your inbox or WhatsApp. Do not forget to take your copy of my eBook “From Dream to Your Own Hair Extensions Business, in Only 10 Days” on your way out. This will help you to be different and to sell more.

There is more,

Option B. You can get several hair wholesale suppliers in your inbox or WhatsApp, but now with my full support as mentor, free promotions, guides on how to sell hair and much more supporting material. A complete kit to start selling hair including hair suppliers and samples.

For this option, I ask you 29 dollars in exchange, but you will make your first profit right away because this package is worth so much more. For example, 30 minutes’ free call to discuss with your own mentor the best steps to create your own brand.

And the third and last option is to tell your best friend about this opportunity and to buy your hair in the future from her. After all, best friends support each other, always right!

Okay, tell me do you want to spend your tax refund on your own future your own hair brand, or do you prefer to wait another year.

I recommend to invest in yourself, because your tax refund only comes once a year. You agree, then click on your option to start a hair business.

Option A All by yourself or Option B With my support