Start selling hair from Cambodia today

Find the finest hair sourced in Cambodia and make your clients happy at a good margin for yourself.

The most important asset of any hair reseller, salon or beauty store is a source of good hair. To support you to start and to grow your business I check every day suppliers from all over the world. They do not only have to offer good hair, you also need to be able to have a good communication with them and you have to be sure your next order will give you the same quality of hair.

In other words, no surprises unless good ones!

Wholesale hair from Cambodia for you

Today I am pleased to offer you Remy hair sourced in Cambodia. Soft and silky hair. From root to tip the hair is in the same direction, and that helps to reduce the risk of tangling.
The hair is offered in bundles of 100 grams, but if needed for your own business requirements you can also customize the bundle weight. You know what sells best to your clients.

The hair is available in lengths from 8 inch till 30 inch. Enough choice for your clients, to make a more natural look. The hair is available in natural colors, but the quality allows you to dye the hair in any color.

Body Wave

Body Wave

And to end with the beginning of this hair from Cambodia, no tangling and hrdno shedding.

See the pictures of some of this beautiful hair.

How to order?

If you want to add this hair to your premium selection, contact me using the comments below or WhatsApp. + 00 31 6234 44 902

Just tell me what you are looking for, like hair length in inches, the texture for example body wave or straight and the quantity in number of bundles. Do not forget the standard weight is 100 grams but any other weight is possible.

Deep Wave

Now you will receive a quote for the hair, including any shipping or payment charges. Everything will be transparent for you. Again, no surprises only good ones.

Better to start with small order

I recommend not to place a wholesale order the first time, please take your time and order 2 to 3 bundles to test the hair. Order hair the smart way. If possible, have the hair installed, you must know the product you are selling. This will not only help you to get a good review, it will also help you to understand your customers’ needs and how your hair is dealing with these needs.

Natural Wave

Natural Wave

How to get the hair

If you found the sample order you prefer let me know and you will receive the transfer instructions. This tells you how to transfer the money to receive and when you will receive your order.

Deep Curl

Deep Curl

The next you should do is to keep your eye on the mailbox, because the courier will bring your hair. In the meantime, you can follow the shipment thanks to the tracking number for your hair.


Interested to start selling hair and to order hair? Leave a comment below or use WhatsApp