Your hair brand is the solution for many women or men, but why does nobody buy? In this post, you will read how you can start a marketing campaign. A marketing campaign to get your hair brand under the attention of many potential buyers.

What is the solution?

First, what is the solution you offer to the world. Do you have a new hair brand that is an improvement for people who already buy your product or services? Or did you find a solution for people in another market? Did you discover a new market or niche?

Make sure you understand the group of people you found a solution for. This is essential to start the communication about your hair brand. You need to know to whom you are going to talk.

What is your communication ambition?

Now you know the people, your ideal client, you are going to talk with. If you know your ideal client, you can plan your marketing strategy. What will be the format you will use, what is the content and how will you create the marketing message.

You can only manage your campaign if you have goals and if you can track the impact of your campaign on these goals. You need to decide where you are going to market your message, how and how often.

What channel?

There are so many channels to broadcast your message about the hair. TV. Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, Internet and within every group there are many variations. For example, social media, but what platform? Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Snapchat ….

Facebook is the biggest platform in number of users, but Instagram and Pinterest are more popular under women. But … 70% of the Facebook users logs in every day, and only 22% in Pinterest. To make it easy, most people use Pinterest to check about products!

Now you know what channel to use right?

If you do not, use the ideal client template to discover what channel your potential buyers are using to get information about hair products.

The story about your hair brand

You have a story to tell, the story about the solution you offer with your hair brand. Make sure you tell your story in the format your audience is ready to listen for. Pictures in Pinterest, short story twitter, video Facebook. The same message but another format.

So many possibilities, but only small budget?

No need to have the marketing budget of Procter & Gamble or Loreal. Be creative, you can afford a lower frequency if you are more creative. Or at least original. Outperform the rest, no bundle deals but something fresh! Ask a local celeb to take part in a YouTube movie of your hair extensions party shot in your neighborhood. Make sure people will recognize the location and even the people on the clip or pictures. This makes it more shareable.

You can also contact a school magazine, local newspaper or beauty magazine for your community and place content branding. An article about your brand, instead of an advertisement. If people trust the magazine, they will also trust your hair brand promoted in the magazine.

If you want to get your hair brand on websites, make sure you adapt the format to the design and format of the website that will host your story. People developed the skills to ignore advertisements, so make sure you follow their design, font and colors. This will increase the Return of Investment and number of clicks.

Want to know more about how to grow your hair brand get a copy of my eBook. Now also with a template to discover and communicate with your ideal client.