To start your own hair store with free hair from a reliable hair supplier! As from today not having cash to buy hair extensions is no reason any more not to start your hair business.

Every day I receive mails from people all over the world, with amazing ideas about their hair business. But too many fail to start only because they do not have the money to buy the first bundles of hair. As of today, no cash, is no excuse any more not to start a hair business.

Only needed original plan and your commitment

All you need is a great, but original plan and the commitment you want to stay in business for a very long time. Make enough money to pay your bills and even more than that. Read the rules and submission form to see everything you need to launch a hair store with free hair to start.

The only rule is the plan should be unique. Commit yourself to stay in business, because this will give the supplier the comfort you will have strong sales in the future. These sales will pay for the investment made in your hair store. This means you can only lose money if you do not join. You will lose the sales because you are not in the market to sell hair.

You are ready to start? Ready to earn money selling hair extensions?  Check the special page with the offer for people who want to start a hair store with free hair.

The opportunity is limited to 15 StartUps

To limit the risk for myself I can only afford to support 15 startups to join this opportunity. 15 times 3 bundles of quality hair is for me, and the suppliers, a rather significant investment.

Take this opportunity, so I can read your plan and share the hair with you very soon!