Learn in 3 steps, or takes, to get a hair testimonial video that sells. Of course you can ask your clients to share with you a homemade video. A videoclip in which they tell about your brand or product. Video testimonials help to sell your hair to people who never heard of you or your brand before. So be grateful for every client who shares a testimonial by herself. But why not to help this great selling opportunity to bring it to the next level. A true selling Hair Testimonial Video.

Take One The set

Invite the client who did a testimonial to your store or another location if you prefer this. Because you do not have a salon or shop. Give her a special treat, she deserves it and … she will spread the word!

Make sure, before your client arrives to record the video, you have the set right. Look for a quiet place without too much background noise. Make sure you have a wall or background image that is in contract with the hair of your client. After all, what is a testimonial video about hair without hair!

Place a comfortable seat for your client and check what the best location is for your camera. Do not forget, it’s all about your client. She should be in the center of the attention.

Take Two The recording

It is not easy for everybody to tell a story on video. Many people, who are very relaxed when they talk, freeze when they see the camera. So you start with some dry runs. Do not tell them you did not on the recorder yet, and try some simple questions,. Make them feel at ease. Ask for their name and where they come from. Make some small jokes, they do not need to fall of their chair, but their cheeks should be more relaxed.

The start of recording of the testimonial should be the introduction of the client. Ask her to tell her name, surname and where she is from. Let her do the talking. This all helps the viewer to connect with her, especially the location helps to connect.

Make sure to encourage your client to speak, nod with your head when she is talking. If you only stare at her without any emotion, because you only think of your next question. But she will most likely stop talking or in the best only give an exact answer to your questions. Let her speak in an enthusiastic.

Make sure you ask the questions most of your ideal clients will be thinking of. This again helps the audience to connect and to build a relation with the client doing the testimonial. The more trust and confidence, the higher the conversion ratio or sales.

What you can do, is to ask questions like. My biggest struggle in finding good quality hair is …. Or What I like in this hair brand is …. I would recommend this brand


Prepare the questions in advance, but do not share the questions with the client. This will make her more natural and less giving well prepared answers. Nothing wrong is some uhhh’s and hmm’s.

Take three Share, share, share

Load the video on YouTube and share the link with the client who performed in the hair testimonial video. She will love to share your video too.

Share the video on your website and your own social media platforms, keep track of the likes and shares. This will help you to make a better video next time. Do not forget to keep an eye on your sales, because at the end of the day, that was the objection in the first place.

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