How many times you have been thinking on how to increase your hair sales? Did you look for new ways to market your hair brand, or new markets to explore? Big chance you overlooked the least expensive way. Reactivate your old clients and increase your hair sales.

Work with the people who purchased from you before, but for some reason stopped. Reactivate thee contacts, it will not hurt you. You have to invest some time to trace them and to tell them the story why you think they should come back to buy from you.

One make the list

Depending on how long you are in business, or how you keep record of your clients and leads you need to prepare a list. Check your old files, calendars and sales records. Even your emails.

Place them all on the list named ” increase your hair sales ‘. The great thing is you can contact them all without the need to introduce yourself. They know you and your product, all you need is a good excuse.

Two think of what to offer

Tell them about a new feature, the new hair extensions or bonding method and you got their attention. Or tell them about the hair trend for the next summer or year. Any excuse, linked to your services will do. The investment in old contacts is one of the best investments you can do in your business. Why? This investment is very cheap because you already know them, and they know you.

In the Industry there are some rules of thumb telling that 25% of the people you contact will say yes, if you activate them to buy from you again. 15% is interested in your offer and feels okay if you promise to call later.

To know how long it will take before a client is in-active; think of the period a client might keep the hair installed. If after a couple of months she did not return. It’s your turn! Contact them.

Be well prepared before you contact them. You need to have a good excuse, offer or free gift to get their attention back again where it should be. In your hair brand. Prepare a sales script, know what to tell them if they bite!

Everybody loves a treat like a VIP, the same goes for your in active clients. Therefor look for an original way to contact them, what about the phone call or a written note.

If you call them, please never ever leave a voicemail. This will leave the initiative by them and remember they are the inactive ones. Better to drop the phone and try later again. It’s harder to say no to you on the phone than not to return your call.

Three Track your effort and increase your hair sales

Finally, make sure you track your effort.
How many calls or written notes you did, how many talks did follow these calls or notes, and how many appointments or even deals?
It seems a lot of work, but this is the only way to refine your effort and to gain more.

Are you ready to call your inactive clients? Good luck and get the Hair Extensions Business Package to further improve your hair sales.