You are looking for ways to grow your hair business? What about using a centuries old proven concept to support your business and is fun too?

The Sales Support Stokvel

To grow your hair business, you need to have good hair, a loyal client base and good marketing. With a Sales Support Stokvel you have all these three in one.

A Stokvel, used the first time by British settlers in the South of Africa named “stock Fair”. Farmers used this to rotate the money of regular stock auctions. This was a system based upon trust, using the peer pressure as control. Nobody wants to be in the group of peers, neighbors or family to be a cheater.

How will this work to grow your hair business?

A Stokvel creates a community, the members will meet and make a real happening of the meetings. Find a member of your community of good reputation and who can be an ambassador of your store. Ask her to start to organize the Stokvel. She should look for the members amongst girls and women that also might be part of the market you want to service. Your ideal clients!

Feel free to reward the person that will start the Stokvel. To be honest you should reward everybody who is talking good about your hair business.

Make sure the organization and money of the Stokvel is not in your hands or store. Keep it separated to avoid any infringement of trust.

The Stokvel meetings

Now comes the good part, hold the meetings of the Stokvel should in your store, salon or other exclusive location. For example like hotel lobby. Make sure the members feel like a VIP. Share the latest hair extensions news and inventory. Your hair inventory of course! This will help to get their feedback about the hair so you know the kind of hair clients want. As first in your hair market. You will save money because you will no longer buy the wrong hair that will freeze your cash. You will sell more because you know, seeing others buying hair increases the sales.

What more can you dream off?

Create with the Stokvel meeting the talk of the town. Organize them at the top (or alike) locations of town. Invite special guests, other store owners, a local celeb, everything to make people talk about it.

How to organize a hair extensions party

Now you have a loyal group of ideal clients that every time they meet have the financial means to buy your hair, or to come back later to buy your awesome hair. Start as many Stokvel meetings as you want. No need to make buying your hair the sole purpose of the Stokvel. Any goal will do, but you know people will bring money and they will influence each other to positive actions. Like for example your hair.