Okay, women are superior to men because they are great in multitasking. You can outperform yourself if a few hours a week you forget your multitasking capacity skills and go to single-tasking mode.

Why multitasking?

You can call a client, watch the webcam in your toddler’s room and answer the questions your assistant was thinking of asking you. All at the same time. That’s multitasking in optima forma. But does this bring you the highest level of quality? Probably not. Try this new strategy for one month and share with me the results.

Try Single-tasking

To grow your business, you need to dedicate time, the focus day as I mentioned before. It will amaze you that you will be able to make giant steps in improving your operations. Your sales or marketing if you use the single-tasking technique. How?

To start stop thinking you must do everything, or to keep an eye on everything. Multitasking is no control mechanism, it’s just doing a lot of things at the same time. Although your brain is not limited to 10 questions a second, to divide the attention is reducing the focus and thus the quality. That’s why most people, or at least I do, have the best ideas under the shower. Under the shower, you do not have to check your smartphone, watch your kids or the food on the fire. There is only one thing to do, and that’s taking a shower.

How does it work

You only need three techniques

Off your Wi-Fi

Block out the distractions, for example off your Wi-Fi or internet. This will feel like you are naked in the middle of town, but trust me. This will give you the feeling you are free again. No messages that pop up, no breaking news on your screen or you got mail. No absolute freedom will be your part. In fact, the feeling of freedom will free your most creative brain capacity. And this is one out of three techniques to stop you from inefficient multitasking.

Book an appointment with Mr.? in your calendar

The next one is to block an appointment with Mr? on a regular day in your calendar and never ever cancel this appointment. Block 3 to 4 hours a week and make sure you use this time to focus. If you share your calendar with others, your PA, your partner or I do not know whom. They will see the appointment with Mr.? and they will not ask more. They will respect your secret and you will have your dedicated time with … yourself and the issues you need to tackle to expand your business.

This is going to hurt

The last one will pain you, but turn your phone on the airplane mode. Now you are disconnected from planet earth. Only off the airplane mode when you are at the end of your focus time. Close your eyes and let the flow of missed calls, voices mails and messages fill your screen. Do not fear, because you took your company to a higher level with your focus time. So, all the people who tried to contact you the last three hours will benefit too.

One month and the business will grow

As I said, give it a try for one month. Please stick to it for a month and leave a comment below this post if you are going to try. Keep me updated if it works for you and I will do the same. At the end of the month the single-tasking will have brought your business to a higher level and the only multitasking is to deal with the extra flow of sales.