Sell your hair on YouTube, this is an awesome channel for selling hair. If you show only hair extensions on images, you miss the opportunity to share the real beauty of your hair.

Let’s check how this work

Take Jack for example. Jack sells hair extensions from China with very entertaining videos on YouTube.

Make a YouTube video only for one person

It’s very important to connect with your audience, make them feel you recorded the video only for them. This makes it again very important you know your audience, who is your ideal client?

If you are on the market and you see somebody you know, isn’t it fun if she waves only at you? Getting noticed, is the feeling you need to give to your audience. It’s not that difficult, all you need to do is to imagine, your ideal client sitting in front of you.

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So, record the video for only one person, your ideal client and you will notice the connection.


Try to focus on one hair product, one topic or one service in every video. Do not try to put all your knowledge and all your expertise in one YouTube video. First you do some research, the same as for your website search engine optimization. What is it your audience is looking for. Use Google AdWords, or your own newsletter to get input. If you know what the struggle is your clients are facing, the next you should do is to do some research on the solution. Show them you are the expert who can solve all their problems.

Make it entertaining

Jack is using small jokes to make the information he is sharing easier to digest. Remember College, where did you learn most from. The teacher who was very strict and followed the book, or the one that made you feel good and relaxed?

No need to be Trevor Noah. Or my personal favorite team member Jordan Klepper. A small joke will do miracles. The longer they wait the better conversion ratio’s. This could be a higher number of subscribers, or even clients.


Do not forget to give your audience a clear call to action at the end of the video. If they like what they see, their unconscious will keep on asking, what’s next? Use this inner voice and give your audience a clear action to do. Subscribe to the YouTube channel, or sign up for the newsletter. Or what about try our special hair test offer!

Your own YouTube Channel

Share with me your thoughts about the clips from Jack. Does he gives you inspiration for your YouTube channel?