Have you been thinking about “ I would like to start hair business ” more than 3 times last three weeks, I fear you should start to act. Thinking so many time about “ I would like to start hair business ” means you are serious and have the passion to start selling hair extensions.

Step One, start dreaming

The first step, if you are serious and you like to start a hair business, is to start dreaming. Imagine how your store will look like, how will it be different from the other hair stores. Dream about how you will make your clients happy and turn them into loyal clients.

There are no boundaries, everything is possible in this dream. Use your right hemisphere of the brain. On the right side, all your creativity and tasks that are involved in arts are located on this side of your brain.
You can help yourself in this creative part of the start of your own hair business by searching on the internet of all kinds of available stores, or treat yourself on a tour through your town and visit some existing hair businesses.

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In this step, you will visualize your store and your clientele and the hair you will be selling. This is very important because all the next steps will only be the road towards this ideal store you have been dreaming about.

Step Two, use the left hemisphere of the brain

Dreaming is good, to start creating is better. In this step, you will write down your dream, this is the start of your business plan. So now “ I would like to start hair business “ will change to “I start a hair business “. In this step you challenge your dream, is it possible to create this business? Do the first calculations to see if the dream can be realistic. How much money and time will you need to make it work?

No need to calculate everything, but do your first reality check, and finetune your dream. Do not forget the basic idea, because that is the core of your new business. But shape the dream into a plan selling hair that might work.

Step Three, find your ideal client

You will only sell hair, or anything else if there are people in the market in need for your hair. In this step, you will create a profile of the client that will always buy your hair. Do not use a fantasy person, because this person will never come to your store. Better to connect with your friends and people that you consider as potentially interested in your store. Understand their needs, their preferred way of communication and what lines you will use to introduce your store and the solution you have.

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If you have a good profile of your ideal client you have done 50% of a successful launch of your business, now you only need a good supplier and an online store to start selling.

Step four, wholesale hair extensions

For a wholesale supplier and hair sample all you need is go to the special page for hair suppliers and get hair suppliers in your inbox. One supplier for free or more for a small fee. With the hair, your clients need you can open the doors of your business. Do not forget the most creative task of opening a hair store

Last step of ” I would like to start hair business “, open your store

You need a good name to start selling, a name for your store people will not only notice, a name that they will find if they are looking on the internet for a hair extensions business that will take care of all their needs. Because you built your hair business around your ideal client, the name and the website will make sure you will get the right visitors to your hair store

Check store names