The great thing of selling hair extensions is you can be busy all day with beautiful products and interesting people. But of course, at the end of that day you want to be sure you also sold beauty products and hair extensions.

It might take some time, especially if the number of visitors to your shop is still below the required level, before you get a deal done. You can´t hurry love but you can´t hurry clients in buying your hair either! True, but you can help them in making that decision and by not turning their eyes to another shop in the meantime.

The decision-making process of purchasing an iPhone, a can of milk or your hair extensions is for all people the same. They only make other decisions at the end. The process is similar and here you can enjoy if you want to offer great products like your hair extensions.

Step into the head of your customers and see what they think:
At first, in the early stage of buying your new visitors wants to know what you do.

They are on a (1) discovery journey to know what you are selling.
They perform some (2) initial research and
(3) gather information. In this stage, the potential client is getting aware of you and your shop.


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Tip One: make it easy for your new visitor to remember your shop. Hand over a business card or put a flyer on the counter in a way even a shy person can fetch a copy. For your website do not forget to include social media buttons on your home page. And of course, select a name for your (web)shop that will impress.

In the next phase, people want to know if your product offering is an interesting one for them. Now they are going to

(4) compare your selling proposition with offers from other shops, and they will come back to take a
(5) closer look at your hair extensions and to (6) compare prices.

If visitors return to your shop, they are becoming more important to you. They are interested by your offering and they are not buying yet, but it is for sure you made a good impression. Well done!
Tip Two: Let returning visitors feel you appreciate they returned to your shop. Have a chat and let them know you have seen them before. For your website, you should have buttons that allow people to share your offer with others. Many people do not make the decision to buy something all by themselves; they want the opinion of their best friends for example. Check google analytics on the evolution of returning visitors.

Now they are ready to make their first buy in your shop, but before they hand over the money they want to be sure they can trust you and the extensions you offer.

They will (7) ask you even more questions or
they (8) want samples. At this stage, it is important to
have some (9) testimonials. How did other people feel about their purchase of your hair?

Tip Three: Come with some beautiful before and after pictures or pictures about a hair event or hair party you have organized. The more people on the pictures the better, if they smile! Or consider a professional photoshoot! If you have certificates in the field of hair dressing and extensions, please mention them. This is also the moment to refer to your return policy.

And now they are ready, 10 steps in their mind further, but you made it till the end, congratulations!

And now on your way to the next client!