To be successful in selling hair extensions, all you need to know is what people want to buy. You create a profile of your ideal client and all the hair you have in your store will be sold. All you need is to know do people want to buy my hair.

You can perform a market survey. Unless you already have a lot of followers on Facebook or Instagram, where to find enough people to make it a reliable survey? You can stand at the shopping mall, but what if you do not feel comfortable to talk to strangers. Or if you do not have the time?

For hair stores in the United States there is good news! Now, you can use the data from many, many people who need stuff to buy. From Hair Extensions to fidget spinners and from prom dresses to wigs. Isn’t that great?

How to know what’s in vogue?

You can use the free tool Google has for shop owners, called “Shopping Insights”. This tool gives you per city not only demographic data, like to composition of the people who live in the town. But also, the need for certain products and services. Up to 7,000 different products.

You can even track trends to learn what products are popular in a certain period of the year. Or check if demand is increasing the last months or weeks.

What can you do?
Let’s try to see how popular the demand is for hair extensions and what you can do with this information.

First you go to the special google site

Enter for example Hair Extensions in the search bar, in the middle of the page.

This will give you an overview of all the states with the interest in hair extensions, the darker blue the more interest.
Let’s zoom in on New York,

This view will tell you not only the share of women versus men and the average household income. It will also show you the evolution of interest for hair extensions in New York.

Okay, it will not tell you if these people will buy your hair extensions. BUT it will tell you the demand for hair and some products or services you can organize around it