If you start selling hair, you will not please everybody. Especially the hair business is famous for its high level of jealousy and envy. How to avoid you will end up feeling miserable because of all the negative vibes from others? While your only goal is to make people feel and look good?

You never noticed the high level of jealousy in the business? Please find a small test and tell me the response you got.
Look for a friend who is selling hair and ask her where did she buy her foundation. Big chance she will tell you the shop name, some recommendations and her trick to het it cheaper. Now it’s time for the second step. Ask her this very simple question” Where do you get the hair from, because I want to start selling?”

See how she will change her mood. Ask her again for the address of the awesome foundation. Perhaps she suddenly does not recall any more if the shop is still open.

This is jealousy, and it is not the most inspiring part of this business. It does a lot of harm to the hair business. Think about how quick all suppliers would be unable to sell their bad hair, if everybody shared their experience with each other.

But there will always be jealousy. Because of the success of somebody:
– if it’s a bank account,
– car,
– husband,
– kids,
– house or

hair extensions store, jealousy will always be in our lives.
It’s one of the ancient survival techniques. From the days, when our ancestors did still respect mother nature instead of trying to kill her. Long time ago.

How to avoid jealousy of others will make your life miserable? Or even worse. How to avoid the envy from others will stop you from becoming a successful hair extensions owner. A store with no bad hair!


Make love not war with other hair stores

First, understand why your friends feel jealous. Try to find a mutual base to work together, to share experience and skills. She has clients in a part of town difficult for her to maintain? You can help her to take care of these clients. Or she can do nails too. Offer her to refer clients to her.

Try to keep on talking with your friend, the hair business should not come between the two of you. Unless the two of you are the only hair sellers in the State, there is room enough for the both of you and consider working together to beat other stores. Imagine what discounts you can get if you combine your purchasing power. Place combined wholesale orders, double the quantity as each of you. You can improve your margins thanks to your friendship.

Turn envy into something that will work for you and you make big gains plus strong relationships. Do not forget to tell others if you have a good source for your hair. This will reduce the stress and money you will lose if you buy hair from bad hair suppliers.