You offer the finest quality of hair, at the best price and in all available colors and textures. But the sales lacks behind your projections! What can you do better? In this post, you will find the 10 best ways to promote your hair and your hair salon, and thus to boost your sales. Try!

1. Wear your hair!

You know, seeing is believing. People who see how beautiful your hair is after installment, will get convinced to buy your hair. So, if you have a salon, why don´t you wear your own brand of extensions. Make people ask for the hair you wear. But what if you do not have a salon because you only sell online? No problem, wear the extensions and get some great pictures. Consider arranging a professional photo shoot to be sure everybody can see the beauty of the hair. Make sure you place some pictures on your website or social media. Make sure to rotate the pictures every now and then.

2. Printed Media

If your budget will allow it, get your salon or hair business in some magazines. Be sure you have a clear picture of the interest of your clients. Make a client profile to discover where your clients like to go to and what kind of magazines they are reading. On our website, we have an article about this with eight questions to prepare this profile. Make sure you have a business and marketing plan so you will only spend the money you can afford.

3. Online promotions

Regardless if you are on the internet or not, there are various ways to promote your business online. Make sure your website will sell your hair extensions. Display before and after pictures (in a rotating banner for example) and share client reviews. Promote your business on special websites for beauty salons or hair extensions. For example on our website and enjoy our special offer with a free offer for four long weeks.

4. Email marketing cheap but proven to be the most effective

If you do not want to spend too much money, but wants to get as close as possible to your clients and potential clients, why not using email marketing. Build up an audience by collecting names and email addresses and send emails on a regular basis to keep in touch with your clients. Or if you have a special event, like season sales, a new product introduction or an update of your website. Sometimes for less than a cent per subscriber you can bring your message right to their smartphone

5. Party and do business at the same time.

Do you like to party? Your clients too, so why won´t you organize a hair party. You can organize the party also around a wedding or prom. This will allow not only the bride to look at her best on the day of the wedding but everybody around her. See this video for more information on a hair party.

6. Colors sell

Make fun. If you can offer hair extensions in various colors, why not offering clip ins for specific holidays. Like green for St. Patrick’s, Red for Valentine and orange and Black for Halloween, or use the colors of the favorite teams in the super bowl. This will bring you not only some extra sales, but it will give you some extra name recognition also.

7. Who has the youth has the future.

Invest in the future! If you target for teens you invest in an audience that has the potential to become a very loyal client base. Teens do have money to spend and if not, they will find a way to let their parents help them. They will love to learn everything about hair extensions and how to get a great make over thanks to your hair. Organize special events. Check at the local high school or college to know they events they have planned so you can use these to contact their students. Which girl doesn’t want to be the star of her first high school party! And you can help them to be this star! You can also offer some free extensions to the captains of the high school cheerleaders and dancers. Many girls will follow them …. to your shop!

8. It´s raining men

Do not forget the men. This is a growing market. Once a man has fell in love with his new full head of hair he will be a very loyal customer.I have a full article about this attractive niche market. Be the first to enter and grown your sales!

9. Knowledge sells

If you won a price, got certificates or any other acknowledgement of your skills, make sure it is visible. If you have a website or social media, mention it on your home or profile page. If you have a salon, place it on a very visible place for your clients to notice and not on the wall of your back office. They are your achievements and the world is entitled to know. It will help your clients to follow your advice and to buy the products you recommend.

10. Charity

Be social, if you connect with a charity event, for example offer to donate a percentage or fixed amount per buy to a (local) charity. Invest some time to learn about the charity event and talk and communicate with your clients about it. They will appreciate your effort and commitment to the good cause and you help them to support this cause too if the buy your products. Give this charity also a good spot on your website.

Make sure you keep on investing in promoting your salon or hair business. Every contact with your client should lead to a conversion moment,. If this conversion is not the purchase of one or more of your products, it could be their email address so you can keep on the conversation even if they have left your web shop or real shop!