Do you recognize the following, if you want to start your hair extensions store?

  • If you talk to the bank for a business loan for the start of your hair extensions store they expect to see your husband
  • You feel you did not get access to business loan because of the simple fact that you are a woman?
  • You lack access to the right business networks or expertise?
  • You face business and regulatory environments that only benefit men to get the proper loans?

Well, bad news you are not alone!

Experience from the World Bank learns for women in both the developed and developing countries face the same kind of hurdles. Thus sisters, if you want to start your hair extensions store, unite!

On the G20 summit in Hamburg the World Bank and Ivanka Trump rolled out a $ 1 billion plan to support women to start and grow their own business. and to end the inequality in this field between men and women. This money project is to gain increased access to the
– finance,
– markets, and
– networks
necessary to start and grow a business in developing countries. This is good news if you want to start your hair extensions store.

The World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim said women’s economic empowerment is critical to end extreme poverty and to achieve economic growth. This project will open new doors of opportunity for women entrepreneurs and women-owned firms in developing countries around the globe!

What will happen?

– $ 1 billion of loans will be made available for female entrepreneurs, including hair and beauty business,

– Technical help for woman to support women.

How will it work?

It will break down barriers to financial access (more money for women) and

provide complementary services such as:

  • access to networks
  • mentors

across the developing world.

When will it start to work for you?

The aim is to get this plan operational as quickly as possible. The first meeting is planned already in October 2017. The expectation is local banks and organisations will take care of the operations. Thus, lend the money and to organize network meetings for example.

What can you do to get acces to this money?

Of course, when the extra loan facilities will be available this will generate a lot of media attention in your country. It seems a lot of money, $ 1 billion, but taken into account the number of countries involved and the high number of women already having their own business or planning to start, you need to prepare yourself in time. If not, others will enjoy this facility and you will end up dreaming forever about your hair extensions store!

Start now to prepare the business plan for your hair and beauty store, do not wait until the loans are granted to others. Your request for a loan will receive much more attention from your local bank or financing association if there is a sound business plan.

Steps to take.

1. Define the clients you want to help with their hair and beauty needs

2. Perform a market survey to get a clear picture of their needs and their experience with the competition

3. Keep an eye on your local newspapers, news channels or the site of the World Bank about the local consequences of this money project for you

4. Find hair suppliers, try to get free samples of place small testing orders

5. Write your business plan, including a financial paragraph

6. Make an appointment with your bank and

7. Start selling hair!

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