The best sales techniques to sell hair extensions make you convert people, who visit your store, into hair buying clients. To sell hair takes time, people with the need for hair follow, unaware, certain stages. If you want to sell you need to understand the stage your ideal client goes through.

Let’s go, what are the stages you need to think of to work on the best sales techniques to sell hair extensions.

1. Attention: You have to get the attention of the individual that is in need of buying new hair extensions. You can use promotion or content marketing.

2. Interest: Build her interest by using an emotional appeal such as how good she will look with your hair extensions installed. And what her friends will say about it

3. Desire: Build her desire for your hair by showing her how the hair looks and feels. For this it is important to at least have some stock at hand.

4. Conviction: Increase her desire for your hair extensions for example to compare it with other hair brands. Very important use reviews from happy customers.

5. Action: Now it’s time to go for the sale. Inspire her to act. This is your closing of the deal. Ask for the order. If she still has doubts, address her doubts.

The last part of the best sales techniques to sell hair extensions, the closing of the deal, is considered to be the most difficult for many sales people. Experienced and less experienced.

What are the possible ways to close the deal:

A Direct Close – All you need to do is to ask for the order when you are sure she is ready.

A Deal/Concession Close – If there is some doubt, help her to give the feeling that she is making a smart choice and saves money. Think of giving a discount that is only valid today, or a coupon for the next buy.

A Time-Driven Close – Some stores restock only once every month, or week. This is an excellent technique to give your potential client the feeling she will have to wait for some time before she can enjoy this beautiful hair, unless she buys the hair today!

A Trial Offer – Use a 30 days not happy money back guarantee. This allows her to try, without any risk your hair. Because you know the quality of the hair, you know she will keep the hair anyhow. But this will take away all her doubts and you close the deal.