If you run your own hair business, you always work on getting more hair extensions clients. But even if your product is great. Or your prices are affordable, sometimes you do not get enough store visitors to sell your hair!

It’s time to use your best kept business secret, your own clients! Start to work with reviews to find more hair extensions clients.

Surveys show that the hair and beauty business is one of the businesses people read reviews about before they visit the store or even buy anything. This makes it very important to invest some time and a lot of passion in getting reviews for your hair extensions clients. Because their reviews will bring you.. more hair extensions clients!


1. Understand your clients, off course you know your clients, but do you also understand them? A client may pretend to be happy, but feels the hair was not as good as the first time she bought. But if she likes you, she will not tell you right away. But, if she can share her thoughts in a review there is a big change she will tell you, in confidence, why she is disappointed. Use this opportunity to further improve your service.
2. Reviews are very common, if you do not share reviews, potential clients might wonder why not. Better to join the team and share reviews.
3. If you start publishing reviews, make sure to watch the number of not so good reviews and the good ones. Be honest and share also less, but sincere reviews but there is no use at all to share more bad than good reviews. Make sure the balance is in favor of the good reviews.
4. Confidence. Okay, there is no auditor who will check your reviews, but if you only have 5-star reviews and none less positive or even negative, you might create some disbelieve. People are never ever 100% happy at the same time, store or hair. Publish also the less favorable reviews
5. Reward your clients for sharing a review and take time to listen. You will be amazed how much you will learn from this. After every review, your store will only get better.

Thanks to all this you will attract new hair extensions clients!


How to start getting reviews?

Start with your most loyal clients, ask them if they want to help you and share their opinion.
Do not forget to reward every review, every review will not only improve your business, it might also bring in new clients, justification enough to reward the hair extensions client who shared her opinion.
Do not be shy, and publish these reviews, Let the world read what others think about you!
Do not wait too long to respond to a client who left a positive review on your social media. Show your appreciation right away.

Get more hair extensions clients

Make asking for a review part of the daily routine and you will have a growing number of reviews. This will grow the number of hair extensions clients in love with your store!