When you import human hair into South Africa, the first person that will benefit is the tax man. Wigs, wefts and other human hair imported into South Africa will cost you a 20% custom duty.

If you import hair into South Africa you have to declare this import to Customs. And to inform them about what you imported and by what mean of transportation. This can be by Air, Sea, Road, Rail or Post.

All over the world customs work with the Harmonized System (the Brussels Notes). This Harmonized System includes all goods traded between countries. For you two categories apply:

67.03 Human hair, dressed, thinned, bleached or otherwise worked; wool or other animal hair or other textile materials, prepared for use in making wigs or the like, and

67.04 Wigs, false beards, eyebrows and eyelashes, switches and the like, of human or animal hair or of textile materials; articles of human hair not elsewhere specified or included.

For more details see the site of South African Revenue Service (SARS).

This is important when you import human hair into South Africa. You do not have to pay customs duty when included in category 67.03. But you have to pay 20% customs duty if the hair falls under category 67.04. The first category is for “products prepared for use” in making wigs or the like. The latter (67.04) covers “complete” articles.

In a court case a South African company stated the hair they imported, wefts, was subject to 67.03. Because of the fact at the time of import the hair wefts were not ready for consumption yet. A complex and time consuming set of treatments was needed for the end user before she could wear the hair.

The High Court of South Africa agreed with the point of view of the importing company. Thus reduced the import duties to zero. But the Supreme Court decided different. Because the hair wefts are themselves complete and can be used without being changed or processed in any way. This qualified import of human hair wefts into South Africa as category 67.04 with 20% import duties.

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