Throughout the year I work with ambitious people who want to launch a hair extensions business. The big question is very often what is the best period to launch a hair extensions business?

The best is to launch in a period thousands of eyes are searching the internet for new hair. Next to Valentine’s day this is the end of Year. If you want to benefit from the marketing effort of others, if you want to launch your hair in a period your clients are so eager to find the hottest hair in town, I recommend launching your hair store before Black Friday.
It’s only 100 days from now to Black Friday and that means you have enough time to launch a hair extensions business.
Use these 100 days to:
– Define your ideal client, to whom will you focus your marketing messages? Whose needs are you going to satisfy?
– Find the best hair wholesale suppliers for your Ideal Client
– Open social media and post attractive images, give your ideal client a taste of what is coming
– Design and launch your hair extensions website combined with a blog
– Optimize your payment, shipping and after sales process

The search engines like Google and Bing will need some time to pick up your new hair extensions business, thus make sure you are live at Least 6- 8 weeks before Nov 24th (Black Friday).

If you want to be in business and benefit from the end of year buying mood of your ideal clients start today. Especially for you there is an All-In-One Hair Extensions Business Package. Complete with hair suppliers, template to identify your ideal client, eBook and templates to calculate and forecast your profit, 30 minutes coaching and much more like free promotion.

If you prefer others to launch and grow their business this year, no need to do anything, but if you want your dream and passion to start earning money, this is the time to start!